Saturday, 5 October 2013

Chad About You

Good afternoon Regina!!!

What a gorgeous fall day it is today. I hope everyone has had a chance to get out and enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures while they still can before the snow hits! We all know, living in Saskatchewan, winter can happen at any time, without warning. And, considering that the City of Regina is having to dip into its reserves just to keep the snow clear for the remainder of 2013, the longer the snow can hold off, the better it will be for everyone!

Here's hoping that the hint by Mayor Fougere - that he will have to increase property taxes to allow for the increased snow budget - is only a scare tactic, and not something that he is truly considering. Now, I am all for increased snow removal - in fact, I even advocated for it during the 2012 Civic Election and proposed it to Mayor Fougere in a January 2013 meeting - but when we have the kind of budget that we do, as a City, there is no need for tax hikes to pay for something that has a very immaterial cost in the grand scheme of things. If they have the budget to shell out for a $278MILLION stadium, surely they can find the budget to spend a couple hundred thousand on the extra labour required to clear snow from sidewalks that they should already have been doing for years now!

Now, getting into what I'm sure many have been wondering - Why did I remove all my blog posts, other than the one that identifies our former Mayor making a public threat to me? After all, there is no way for me to 100% confirm that it was, in fact, our former Mayor, Mr. Pasquale Fiacco, that threatened my life on his public Twitter Account of @tourismskpat (remember, this is the internet, and it's not infaliable to breaches of security where it could technically be anyone using his Twitter handle). While that is true, I do not take this kind of threat lightly, and as such, I have chosen to revitalize my website to focus only on the real matters at hand; those that affect our wonderful City of Regina, and the amazing citizens that live within it.

Many amazing Regina citizens have described me as a People's Politician, and an outstanding Community Volunteer. As such, I feel it is incumbent upon me to continue to "fight the good fight" for those of you that rely on what I am able to bring to the table on a regular basis. I refuse to allow the threat of anyone, regardless of their assumed public stature or influence, intimidate me or attack me so much that I disappear from the public and avoid bringing the controversial subjects to light.

Thank you, once again, everyone for your continued support; for without your words of kindness, support and encouragement, I wouldn't be able to keep fighting for your Charter Rights as a taxpaying citizen of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Have a great weekend!!!


Chad A. Novak, CMA - Politician & Community Activist/Volunteer

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