Saturday, 12 October 2013

Novak Uncovered Interview

Good afternoon Regina!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Thanksgiving Long Weekend, and keeping in mind the intent of the holiday, giving thanks to the Lord (or your given religious higher power) for everything that you have been provided over the last year and in your lifetime. If you are driving on the highways to visit family and/or friends, please drive safe and remember DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE!!!

Well, today I did it. I volunteered my time to be interviewed by Adam, on behalf of the controversial "Novak Uncovered" website ( This is the website I've referred to in the past, but was unwilling to give the website address because I felt it didn't need more advertising than it already has. But, given the Q&A that Mr. Nathan Clifton had with them, and my interview today, I feel it's appropriate to now reveal the website name, and provide you with a link to the LIVE Ustream Video that was produced today during the interview. I have confidence this should put to rest any of the possible questions that remain out in cyberspace, and hopefully we can move on from this "Chiligate" ordeal.

For anyone that is curious to know what this is in regards to, all the information, and then some, is available on the "Novak Uncovered" website. And the event they are referring to is the 2nd Annual Queen City Cruise In that was held this summer. (

Here is the video:

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