Thursday, 21 November 2013

BREAKING: Real Reasons Behind City Hall Banning

Good evening Regina!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week in the Queen (GREEN) City and enjoying all of the Grey Cup festivities - responsibly of course. Today, I was finally provided with the information that I have been chasing for months. Today, I was provided with twenty seven pages of almost fully unedited information, that most certainly points to the true reasoning behind the City of Regina banning me from City Hall. If you recall, back in July, they refused to provide any justification, simply that I wasn't allowed anywhere other than the first floor of City Hall.

This was only AFTER I leaked the above photo of an email that I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of. Then, when I sent an inquiry to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the City finally realized my concerns were real and justified, and they were pretty much forced to provide a response. Unfortunately, their response was very misleading and full of misinformation that was angled in such a manner that made it sound like I was roaming City Hall randomly. While in reality, that was most certainly not the case. Then, they tried to justify their behaviour after being served with Federal Court papers by simply saying it wasn't in the Federal Court's jurisdiction. Note they never outright denied any of the allegations listed in the Statement of Claim.

I will only provide a few screenshots for now, while I meet with my team to decide on the next avenues to take against those that feel it is appropriate to violate my Charter Rights by banning me, needlessly, from City Hall.

Have a great weekend everyone and here's to a HUGE Rider Win in Rider Nation baby!!!

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