Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coordinated Character Assassinations - Who Is Immune?

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Well, it's another beautiful weekend in the Queen City, the Riders are in a HOME PLAYOFF game today, and life continues to go and be better everyday.

What I am writing about today is something I never thought would happen to me for a long, long time, if ever. Coming from an 'unknown' to someone that has been the target of Coordinated Character Assassinations, in only a matter of months. We have seen this on much larger levels as of late, specifically that of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, and the three Senators in the ongoing Senate Scandal. But now it's hit right here at home, targetting someone as "politically insignificant" as me, no less. I find this to be both a hindrance and a compliment that there are people out there who take me so seriously as a politician, that rather than just ignoring me, they purposely go out of their way to try to destroy my good name. There are even those who take time out of their Cancer treatment to make sure that they get a good jab in here and there.

This week, with the Rob Ford fiasco in Toronto, the question came up on John Gormley Live yesterday as to whether or not he should resign, because of the revelations that have come out and he has admitted to. Surprisingly, I actually agreed with John (yes, there is a first time for everything!) and say that he should take some time away to seek the help he obviously needs, and come back as a stronger Mayor Ford, showing that he can turn this negative into a positive. I personally feel that if his mayoral duties are not significantly impacted by his personal issues, then he should not have to resign if he is willing to get help. At least he is willing to admit his faults, which is a huge step not only for an addict, but also for a politician. (Try to get that admission from Fiacco, Fougere, Wall or Harper) Also, keep in mind there have been "professional" media in Toronto that have been trying so desperately for a long, long time, to find anything to put out there that paints Mayor Ford in a bad light, so I can only imagine the personal life he has had to lead that has led to these unfortunate circumstances.

Then, you have the Senate Scandal where Saskatchewan native Pamela Wallin has been ousted from the Senate due to expense misuse, which I firmly believe is the "norm" in the Senate, and Ms. Wallin is certainly not the only party guilty of this. She has, unfortunately, been one of three that's been targeted by those who don't agree with her politically, and thankfully she is not going down without a fight. I look forward to watching this unfold, as Ms. Wallin was born in the same hometown as my own mother, Wadena.

Finally today, speaking directly to my own personal situation - Political Character Assassination.

Three words I thought I would never have to face so early in my political career, if ever! But, it has been attempted, albeit rather unsuccessfully so far, and I will not go down without a fight either. What I find to be entertaining is watching these folks who think they have all the power in the world, and waste so much of their own personal time and energy, to destroy someone that they publicly describe as "insignificant". If I were indeed so insignificant, you wouldn't have the "Novak Uncovered" blog, you wouldn't have individuals creating parody Twitter accounts because they are too "afraid"(cowardly) to use their real identities online, and you certainly wouldn't have deliberate attempts to not only destroy my life politically, but now personally.

I have it on very good authority that at least one of the individuals behind the "Novak Uncovered" blog is (or was) a City employee, whose only intent is to question me as a politician, on the same grounds that I've accused his boss of in the past. Basically calling me out on my "Accountability and Transparency" in an effort to show that I am some kind of hypocrite. Then you have the former Mayor's Executive Assistant, Mark Rathwell, who made a statement to the media in May 2012, after I accused him of threatening me, where he said that he would "make an effort to turn the tables on me" if I was trying to defame him in any way. Thus it should be no coincidence that shortly before and thereafter, SaskTel received reports from a "Marco Polo" accusing me of using company resources - proven to be false - to further my Mayoral Campaign. It is also no coincidence that an individual using the email of "" or "Mark Odnosmot" has contacted my sponsors/vendors of the Queen City Cruise In, and most recently my employer, in an attempt to get them to distance themselves from me. Thankfully, this has not worked in that person's favour so far. Oh and then there's the posts on the Rider Fans forum where a "Marco" has made a few select posts about me on there. This is but only one individual of the many, who have been major players in this obvious coordinated attempt to not only destroy me politically, but now also to ensure I can never be gainfully employed nor partake in any community event that I so choose to pursue.

Here is some visual evidence for your reading enjoyment:

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