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Regina's Dirty Little Secrets - Regina Police Service

Good afternoon Regina!!

UPDATE: The response to this post has been overwhelming! Given the Christmas Season, and the reason for the season, and keeping the Anti-Bullying/Harassment message going, I invite you to read this message.
What would you do if you were constantly harassed and the authorities who are in charge of helping you, refused to help? What if some of the individuals alleged to be responsible for this behaviour, were actually on the Board of Police Commissioners? Would you expect fair and equitable treatment, even when it could result in actions against some of their own? 
This leads to the obvious question:
This is exactly what is playing out before our very eyes, right here in the City of Regina. What began as seemingly innocent fun and mocking several months ago, has developed into a disturbing obsession for some, and in my opinion (and others), it has come to the point of Criminal Harassment long ago. However, when you report this behaviour to the local authorities, and they refuse to even look into this activity further, what do you do?

Excerpt from Police Report:

I have decided to go public with the Police Report (File #RM13044792), that was filed with the Regina Police Service back in August 2013, and subsequently dismissed by Constable Dana Adams within only a couple of weeks. It should be noted that this investigation was closed against my wishes to meet and discuss the matter further in person, and I have been refused any further action on this file, other than filing a complaint against Ms. Adams. Apparently, a front line officer has the authority to make decisions on matters that should - at minimum - be brought up to their commanding officer for a decision on what to do with the file. I do have the option to open a brand new file, with yet another police report, but when you've been treated like I have, on more than one occasion, what would be the point of getting it dismissed again. And we wonder why so much crime goes unreported in our City?

Excerpt from Police Report:
I should note that the harassment has gotten even worse since filing this report, and it has escalated into harassment of my employer and event sponsors and participants for the Queen City Cruise In. These individuals have gone so far as to create entirely fake email accounts to harass my employer by claiming they will not purchase a home from the business, simply because I am employed there. Thankfully, my employer is reasonable enough to know these complaints are not to be taken seriously, but does anyone deserve this kind of continued stalking and harassment? These same individuals claim that I am insignificant to them, and I should just go away. Well, if I'm so insignificant, then why must they waste so much of their time trying to make my life a living hell?

You wouldn't think that a taxpayer would have to do the job of the Regina Police Service for them, but it seems that this is exactly what I have been pushed to do. Thus, the following excerpts are directly from Justice Canada's website, and perhaps given this exposure, the RPS will reconsider investigating this activity further?

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