Wednesday, 8 January 2014

CHAD ABOUT YOU - The People's Politician

Good morning Regina!!

I am very proud to be unveiling to you today, the brand new section of my website called "CHAD ABOUT YOU".

As my first order of business, I am issuing a challenge to all Regina Media Outlets. 

Please read my Chad About You page, and decide if you see any purpose for breaking this story wide open. You have until Saturday, January 11, 2014 to contact me for further information. If you feel there is no story to even begin an investigative report on, so be it. Just be warned that this is something that many journalists would do anything to cover, and there are in fact many journalists throughout Canada who have expressed a deep interest in covering this topic. It has far reaching implications to many other jurisdictions in Canada, so I feel I am being more than generous by giving you, the local Regina media, the opportunity to break it first. All I ask is for credit of providing you the idea, and exclusive rights to be able to discuss the implications as I see it before any other interviewee.

I would like to remind media about the reason you became journalists in the first place. Are you a glorified advertising sales rep, or a journalist? You decide.

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