Monday, 27 January 2014

City Council TONIGHT!!

Just a bit of a notice for anyone in Regina or that subscribe to Access Communications.

You're going to want to either attend in person, or watch City Council on TV tonight. Starts at 5:30. Should also be available on under Council Agendas. I will also be LIVE STREAMING my delegation tonight. It will be 100% professional, 99% respectful and 100% "must see TV". I promise you that.

After months of frustration and preparation, tonight it's on. The Mayor and his boys will get to see just how powerful I can be, given the right circumstances. Not physically of course. It's sad I have to clarify that, so they don't bring in a barrage of officers, uniformed and plain clothed, thinking I'm going to be violent. The RPS are fully aware of how docile and little threat I really am - when they aren't instructed by their makers at City Hall that is.

No written delegation or script required. 100% shoot from the hip. Calling them to action and emphasizing just who they work for. Taxpayers will no longer be their BITCH.

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