Tuesday, 28 January 2014

City Violates Charter Right - AGAIN

Good morning Regina!!!

Last night at City Council. What can I say? It most certainly did NOT go as planned, but when one really sits back and thinks about it, what difference would it have made if I was allowed to remain at City Council and address them? As usual, they would have glazed their eyes over, not asked a single question of me, and voted unanimously anyways. I must say, though, I am truly ashamed at Councillor Shawn Fraser for not having the balls to stand up to these dictators beside him and voting against the Bylaw - effectively FORCING this to the next Council Meeting in February. I expected far more of him. As did his constituents. Many have already contacted me asking how to force him out of office, which is a pretty sad state of affairs when he is the only one that was elected on a platform of being accountable to taxpayers. Yes, I can appreciate it takes a lot to stand up to the crooked bitches beside him, but if he can't do it, then he simply isn't built of the fortitude to truly represent his constituents.

Many have asked what happened last night. All I can say is - a lot. I certainly didn't plan it that way, but when you have an arrogant blowhard know-it-all like Councillor Terry Hincks stand up, spouting off deliberate lies to make the public think this is an amazing project, something has to be said. So, I said it. I spoke out. I dared to break Decorum and speak out during a Council Meeting. I am such a rebel - a badass. I am speaking facetiously of course. These are things that should be considered reasonable in a democracy, but here in Regina, it gets you kicked out of City Hall. And, apparently, is worthy of calling upon the services of five innocent Regina Police Service members who are only doing their job.

I will speak more to this and give my originally prepared speech this weekend in a LIVE VIDEO BLOG on Saturday. It's truly unfortunate that the City of Regina continues to stomp on Taxpayers like this, but the great thing is, it's nearly time for them to either submit their resignations or get arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Fraud, amongst other Criminal Charges. I know it may sound like tough talk, hard to believe, but the truth is they are afraid. Not physically afraid. Afraid of what power the taxpayers hold when they finally demand City Hall be accountable to their employers.

Here is a copy of the Affidavit that was served to Premier Brad Wall earlier this month, and submittted to the Deputy City Clerk, Amber Smale, last night. As Mr. Jim Nicol, self-appointed "City Clerk" refused to take it.

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