Monday, 31 March 2014

Continued Criminal Harassment

UPDATE: Site Owner permanently bans me; cites that he "doesn't want to turn the site into a circus". 
Mere hours prior to this ban, and the thread being closed, I posted this warning on the forum. VBulletin's Terms of Service, as a reminder:

This was the message I received, from the Site Owner, "CalgaryRiderFan":

Apparently, however, allowing a thread to go on for nearly 300 pages, over 5700 posts, solely based around attacking one person, is considered acceptable by this site owner.

Just who is the site owner, and why did he allow this to go on for so long? 
Well, the site owner is none other than a Mr. Govind Achyuthan, Chief Compliance Officer with AltaCorp Capital Inc.

As for why he allowed this to go on for so long, well, that's something he will have to answer.

UPDATE: Apparently it's only funny if he harasses me. He doesn't like it when his identity is outed.

FYI Scott Fleming: All of the above information is available on the PUBLIC internet. No privacy has been breached.

Good afternoon Regina!!

Well, today's "March" went as well as could be expected. For anyone that hasn't seen the Social Media stream about the event, you can watch the demonstration later this week, when I am able to upload the video to YouTube. Not surprisingly, many kept their distance, including the media, but in a sign of positivity, Austin Davis with the Leader Post did make an appearance, and took notes and a photo of me in front of the Solstice, as well as at least two other print media, and CTV and Global were simply circling the area like vultures - presumably waiting for me to "act crazy" to put it on the 6 O'Clock news. When I didn't give them what they wanted, they left. It will be interesting to see if any of this hits the mainstream media, and if it does, how it is portrayed.

When you watch the video later this week, you'll understand far better why I am declaring this event a success. Suffice it to say, for now, the entire point of holding this on a Monday at noon, was to demonstrate that City Hall has no problems holding their very important meetings during the middle of a weekday, and to show how many people are available to come to those meetings. Also, it was to demonstrate that I am currently unemployed, and to speak to exactly why that is. It seems as if this is the story that people have jumped onto, so I feel obliged to elaborate further on what I spoke on today.

Rather than you hearing everything second, or third, hand, I'll give it to you straight from the horse's mouth. First off, I originally made every effort in the world to keep my employment with Crawford Homes a secret, which no human being should ever have to do. They should be able to proudly shout from the rooftops where they work if they enjoy their workplace. And I did. Then came September 11, 2013 when Mr. Terry Hincks, City Councillor, and Century 21 Dome Realty Realtor, tweeted the following:

It was after that time that I had been "outed" and it was also shortly thereafter that the continual emails and phone calls from "random people" would come in, stating they wouldn't buy from Crawford Homes, simply because they dared to employ me. Keep in mind these identities were often fake, so it could very well have been the same individual reporting under alias emails. The one individual who has been identified to me as one of the main callers was Mr. Terry Hincks.

The following are PROOF of such emails:

This continued day in, day out, week after week, month after month. Until in February, my great boss (I still highly respect him because this was something I know was a very difficult decision for him) had enough of the continued harassment. To clear the air, there had never, ever been any issues with my work performance, and you can ask any former employer of mine that exact same question and they will confirm that my work speaks for itself. It is just unfortunate that there are individuals in this great City that feel it is their life mission to destroy me, politically, socially, or otherwise. I want to ensure that everyone understands I have made cognisant decisions to continue my social activism role, and am very well aware that there are people out there who will stop at nothing to shut me down. This is exactly why I have not backed down, nor will I "just disappear", for if I was to do that, they've ultimately won. Whether I'm broke, alone and homeless, or not, they will have won. I'd rather them not win and keep my personal pride and dignity. Which I do have, and it is quite evident in my continued delegations at City Hall.  

Have a great Regina day everyone!

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  1. That's foul stuff they pull Chad. Sorry I couldn't make your gathering. Wtf is it with these jerks, have they gone to the Governor Christie charm school?