Wednesday, 12 March 2014

You've Been Served!!
Good evening Regina!!

What a gorgeous day today was, and tomorrow is going to be another beautiful day in our amazing Queen City. I must say, today was the best day I've had in quite a while, and even an assault by a Regina Police Service officer couldn't change that outlook. Yes, you read that right - a Regina Police Service officer assaulted me. It's all captured on the City of Regina Security Cameras, and I have an audio recording of the incident which I may release publicly in the coming days. To make a long story short, I called the Regina Police Service to help escort me up to the City Clerk's Office at City Hall, "defying" this fabricated ban that the City of Regina thinks they have implemented against me. The intention was simply to serve Court documents upon the City of Regina.

What happened when I got to City Hall, however, was certainly far more than I had ever expected.

Considering the fact that John Q Taxpayer currently has full and unfettered access to a large part of City Hall - as long as they inform the security guards where they are going and for what - and there are no legal grounds for banning me, other than opinions of one or two employees, this should have been a simple case of the RPS helping enforce the Charter Right of myself, and keeping the Peace - which should include protecting taxpayers from harassment from City of Regina Management which I continue to be subject to, to this very day. Unfortunately, these three officers (yes, three) decided that that wasn't part of their civic duty, and instead they tried to enforce this fabricated ban, which as I stated previously, is supported by nothing more than the verbal opinion of one or two people. One officer in particular was quite arrogant and rude and actually physically assaulted me. This is actually a Criminal Offense under the Canadian Criminal Code Section 265:
265. (1) A person commits an assault when

(a) without the consent of another person, he applies force intentionally to that other person, directly or indirectly;
I immediately attended to the Regina Police Service to report this incident, and all I've been told is to file a Police Report and "it'll be looked into". I do intend to file a Police Report within the next 48 hours, but anyone that knows me, knows that I won't just let this incident be swept under the rug.

I will make damned sure to make this incident known as far and as wide as possible.

THIS is what's wrong with the Regina Police Service and their "Board of Police Commissioners":
The Court Action that was filed upon the City of Regina today is looking to force immediate cessation of the Regina Revitalization Initiative and any other Major Capital Project in excess of $50 Million, subject to the results of the Regina Police Service Investigation into the alleged Criminal Actions of the Executive Leadership Team when Brent Sjoberg misrepresented the truth on January 27, 2014, along with a Forensic Audit and Public Inquiry being performed upon the Municipal Affairs of the City of Regina.

Stay tuned as I will post more on this incident and the Court Action in the coming days.

Have a great Regina day!!

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