Thursday, 24 April 2014

EXCLUSIVE: RPS Harassment Hits Home

Good afternoon Regina!!

What more can be said, but wow? Wow. Just wow. I have tried to extend an olive branch to the Regina Police Service on more than one occasion over the past several months, by offering to meet with them to discuss proactive ways to address some serious issues that affect our great City. (Full Audio Interview with Elizabeth Popowich will be posted in a future blog post) What has been their response? "We'll think about it" They refuse to even sit down and discuss some ideas that may actually make their jobs easier. Why? Are they afraid that their jobs might actually get easier, and thus they won't have the ability to justify their exhorbitant budget that keeps magically going up - without question - each and every year?

If the focus of a Police Service is to reduce crime and proactively address crime before it happens, why would they refuse to listen to ideas of taxpayers? 

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not asking for preferential treatment by any means. I have made this very clear to any officer I have ever spoken with, and most respect and understand that I genuinely want to make our City a better and safer place to live in. Some, however, seem to think I am doing this for attention, for revenge, or for a future mayoral campaign. Those who think that way, I should add, are also on the list of "Dirty Cops on the Take" that the RPS have under Criminal File #RM11000963 - a proud partner of the "#yqrmafia". In that file, it speaks to bribes offered between the U of R and the RPS. I lay no claim to knowing what all is in that file, I am only sharing it with the public. If the RPS choose to disclose the details, then that is their choice.

On Easter Sunday, my darling wife and I were rudely awakened by the arrival of three uniformed Regina Police members. These were the same three who attended City Hall when I had requested an escort to the Mayor's office to deliver some legal documents, as is my Charter Right. They are: Constable Roger Wiebe (Badge #691), Constable Andrea Renchko (Badge #815) and Sargent Cameron Kuffner (Badge #537). All three also happen to be named in the Criminal File #RM11000963. In the below video, you will witness the ignorant attitude and treatment of myself, a TAXPAYING CITIZEN OF THE CITY OF REGINA, by Constable Wiebe. You will also note that they had no respect for the time of day (before 10AM on a weekend), the day (EASTER SUNDAY - THE Holy Day), the perception of my neighbours (When three uniformed officers attend your residence in a quiet suburb, it's going to raise eyebrows), or the possibility that I had guests over for Easter Weekend and what their perception might have been to be awoken by three uniformed Police Officers.

What's worse, is what might my neighbours think is going on at our house? Were we guilty of a crime? Did we have family members pass away? 

These are things that all members of the Regina Police Service should keep in mind when considering future dealings with ANY taxpaying citizen of our great City.

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