Sunday, 20 April 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Targeted by the RPS?

UPDATE: Arrested for parking on the Plaza
On Monday, April 21, 2014, one day after the "4/20 rally" in Victoria Park - where absolutely no arrests were made - I decided to take a cruise downtown to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. I figured a great place would be the City Square Plaza, since it is closed to through traffic, and would be a relaxing environment to have the top down on my Convertible. I had actually joked on my personal Facebook about "how long will it take for the RPS to arrive?" Little did I realize they actually WOULD show up. 

Even worse, that they had actually been DISPATCHED to attend to my "illegal" parking on the Plaza, based on a complaint. What's even worse - I was ARRESTED for "Breaching the Peace". Yes. Arrested. What constituted "breaching the peace", exactly? Apparently taking video of the officer in her cruiser is grounds for that. Or at least, that's the best conclusion that I am able to arrive at, since the officer wasn't willing to answer many of my questions.

I was arrested, detained for over an hour in the back of a stuffy cruiser (first time in my life by the way), threatened with taking me into cells, threatened with seizing my vehicle, and refused access to contact my lawyer. In the end, I was released, "allowed" to take my car, and given only a parking ticket. Yes - a parking ticket. Of course I'll be fighting that in court, because I know the rules around the City Square Plaza after renting it on a few occasions, and know this is not right. 

But, the more important issue, of course, is was this a wrongful arrest, and if so, what will I be doing to pursue this injustice? I will not speak about that publicly at this point in time. 

For now, here is the video of the arrest:

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!!

Well, this morning, in what has to be described as nothing less than an absolute shock to the system, my household was rattled by a disgusting display of an abuse of authority that I would never have imagined from our "Finest". While many in Regina were either sleeping in, or getting ready for Church, my wife and I were awoken by the arrival of THREE Regina Police Service members attending my personal residence.

 The same three who were exposed in the below EXCLUSIVE video:

What were they here for? Was it because of my "attacks" on the #yqrmafia online over the past couple days? Was it to inform me of a deceased family member? Was it to advise me that they have successfully arrested one of the individuals who have been criminally harassing myself over the past number of months?

Nope. None of the Above!

It was to inform me that they were dropping the file against MR. CHRIS SPENCER, who uttered the following disgusting tweet:

I hadn't formally published anything on this complaint previously as I did not want to compromise the "investigation" that ought to have followed the below Police Report (File #RM14019186)
Instead, I was told that they were simply dropping the file because - in their opinion - this didn't qualify as "counselling" suicide. It should be noted that it is not their job - as officers - to determine the guilt of a party. They are to enforce the LAW as best interpreted. It is the job of the legal system to determine the guilt of a party. This is obviously a case that should have at least made it to the Courts to determine the guilt or innocence of this individual.

This, in my opinion, is evidence of nothing more than pure revenge against myself because I dared to publicly out the actions of these three officers from the incident at City Hall last month. I have full video evidence of this incident, but will not be posting the video of the event in question until I have had a chance to meet with appropriate legal counsel to determine the next course of action.

For now, I'll let the circumstancial evidence speak for itself. 

YOU BE THE JUDGE. #CourtOfPublicOpinion

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