Saturday, 5 July 2014

Continued Harassment Leaves Me Twitter-less

Hello Regina!!

You may have noticed a lack of presence lately on Twitter from myself, and most certainly a lack of posts on this blog. Without getting into details, in order to keep my health in order, I have decided to completely remove Twitter from my life. After months of continued harassment from anonymous and non-anonymous alike on Twitter, it has just become too much for me to deal with, and for the benefit of myself and those most important to me, I'd prefer to remove myself from the Twittersphere altogether. I wish there was more that had been done by the Regina Police Service so far in terms of those who continually and deliberately push and harass online, but as they say, you shouldn't cry over spilled milk. It is still my sincerest hope that the RPS does track down those behind the harassment and charge them appropriately.

As for my blog posts and political efforts, I plan to continue to post on this website and my Chad4Regina Taxpayers Facebook page, as these are much easier for me to control the harassment from. Politically, I'll be observing from afar, while still maintaining a presence on this site to continue to push for transparency and accountability from our municipally elected officials.

Have a great summer everyone!!

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