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For those that may not know of me and what I stand for, I am a strong advocate for individual taxpayers with a special focus on municipal affairs. This is something that I feel is generally lacking in the modern era, where more people are happy to focus their efforts on provincial and federal affairs. This leads to general apathy in municipal politics, which - ironically - is the only level of government that DOESN'T have an "official opposition" to hold their feet to the fire, and hold them accountable for how they spend our tax dollars. What's worse, this is the level of government that is most easily influenced by you and I - the individual taxpayer - and affects us every single day. This is why I continue to push for accountability and transparency in your local elected officials.

I have been very much against any form of special interests influencing any level of government, as I'm sure many are. In Canada and the world over, we've seen all too often how the development industry tries to influence our elected officals through their lobby groups. The Sask Realtors, Regina Realtors, Regina and Region Home Builder's Association, and Saskatchewan Construction Association to name but a few. I have long stood for demanding that our locally elected officials not only remain independent from those lobbying groups, but also to continue their focus on you and I - the individual taxpayer.

What irks me the most in our current City Council and Provincial Government is how we see so much of that influence from those lobby groups. Sadly, many have actually been elected into positions of ultimate authority. Giving them Carte Blanche power over hundreds of millions of our tax dollars. This leads to a massive potential for conflict of interest situations with our elected officials. One would hope that there is legislation in place to prevent such occurences, but sadly, it seems to be more of an honour system than anything. Basically, if elected officials don't personally feel they are in a conflict of interest, they don't have to declare. It's up to you and I to determine if they are even in a perceived conflict of interest. With as much apathy as we have at the municipal level, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize this is a dangerous situation and can lead to a lot of manipulation - legal or illegal - of our tax dollars.

I would like to present some "light" reading for those of you who like to read full documentation. For those that don't want to read the 80 pages, I present to you two snippets for the gist of what I am currently working on, which should ultimately lead to some serious questions finally being asked of our locally elected officials, and perhaps even an entire investigation into the goings on at City Hall.

Stay Tuned to this page for recommendations on how you, the taxpaying citizen, can do simple things to hold your elected officials accountable for the millions of dollars that you entrust them with each and every day.

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