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CTV REGINA - September 19, 2016
Under the Cities Act, city council can call a meeting with 24-hours’ notice for certain circumstances. On Monday morning Regina’s city council exercised their right to do so.
Council voted on whether they should accept federal and provincial money for two infrastructure projects. Councillors unanimously voted to receive money for upgrades to public transit and the McCarthy Boulevard pumping station.
“The provincial minister said to me we look forward to your resolution on Monday… because they need that,” said Regina Mayor Michael Fougere.
“I make no apologies for calling this council meeting.”
The money will go towards upgrading the McCarthy Boulevard pumping station and adding 17 new buses and nine paratransit buses.
The federal government is giving $13.7 million while the provincial and city are contributing $6.8 million for the pumping station. The federal government and the city are also contributing $8.6 million toward public transit.
But Fougere had hoped the provincial government would also help with the transit project.
“Paratransit was a program they created,” said Fougere. “Transit is just as important for infrastructure to our city as waste water. It's building out city, building out capacity for our city.”
The provincial government says it does help the city by contributing $42 million a year in the budget.
“We count on city councils and administrators to make good use of that money,” said Keith Comstock, assistant deputy minister of Government Relations.
“It's unconditional and they use that money in support of whatever service or operations they need to do within their own jurisdictions.”
The decision to call this meeting upset some Regina residents.

"We're spending tens of millions of dollars all of a sudden with literally 24-hours’ notice to the public if you can't consider that a spending spree to basically, what I consider, to buy votes-- what can you,” said taxpayer advocate Chad Novak.

LEADER POST - September 17, 2016
City Hall regular Chad Novak is running for city council in Regina’s southeast ward. He has recently addressed dust issues in the northwest, the missing glockenspiel in Victoria Park and land transactions related to the Regina bypass project. The accountant lists his priorities as: Lowering water bills, re-jigging property taxes; and improving transit, downtown and hospital parking, and recreational opportunities. He also wants to focus on long-term planning. Novak ran for mayor in 2012, receiving 0.8 per cent of the vote.

NEWSTALK 980 CJME - September 14, 2016
A familiar face is back on the ballot box this Regina election.
Former mayoral candidate Chad Novak is running in the southeast in ward four.
He became well-known in 2012 for his various online spats but said he won't take that route again.
"I am trying to make sure that I am removed from that harassment and we're doing everything we can so that people take me as a serious candidate, which I very much am," Novak said.
Novak's platform focuses on taxes, in particular commercial rates, which he argues are too low compared to other cities. He would like to see a better balance between what businesses contribute and what residents pay.

Currently, ward four incumbent Bryon Burnett and Asfaw Debia are also registered candidates.

Below are a compilation of videos over the course of my 2012 campaign, along with a few others that show exactly why I got involved in politics in the first place. I want to thank Global News, CTV News, CBC News, CUPE Local 21, Access Communications and SaskTel Max for the great video coverage.

CUPE Local 21 Wants VS Needs Promotional Video - September 2012:

CTV Regina News September 5, 2012 Coverage of Executive Committee:

Access Communications Talk of the Town - February 27, 2012 -> This is a full-length nine minute interview with Roger Currie.

Newstalk CJME News Interview - February 21, 2012 -> This was my first radio interview of the campaign, one day after sending my Press Release out to the media.

CTV Regina News February 2012

Global Regina Morning News - February 21, 2012 -> Throughout the 3 hour morning broadcast, Global Regina had mentioned my possible candidacy, on the same day that Mr. Fougere was expected to make his announcement at the Delta Hotel.

Other Videos:

SaskTel Max Local On Demand Coverage of 2012 Queen City Cruise In

Global Regina May 25, 2009 Coverage of Vehicle Break In

CTV News re: Occupy/Un-Occupy Regina

Global News 2008 Re: Moose Jaw Multiplex

Original Version:

 With my commentary added:

Global Regina News Re: School Closures 2007

 ARCHIVED VIDEOS (May no longer be available)
Global Regina Morning News
May 3, 2012 Regarding RRI options

Regina Leader Post
April 30, 2012 Article about Council Address: Sparks fly!

Newstalk 980 CJME
April 23, 2012 Online Article

Leader Post
April 16, 2012 Article about Experience: Does It Matter?

Leader Post
March 15, 2012 Article about City Staffers attending Campaign Events

Media Coverage:
CBC Saskatchewan
Video (Approx 9:45 mark):

Global Regina
6pm News Article and Video:
March 6 Morning Show Live Interview:

CTV Regina
6pm News Video (Approx 8:00 mark):

Leader Post
March 6 Article and Video:

Newstalk 980
Online Article:

Regina Leader Post - February 25, 2012 -> This appeared in the printed edition as well, on the third page of the Leader Post. The $14 Million Roughriders Grey Cup Legacy Project made the front page, which was deservedly so.

CTV - February 22, 2012 -> Go to approximately the 9:00 mark to see my first TV interview of the campaign.

620 CKRM Radio Interview - February 22, 2012 -> I am waiting on the full, unedited interview to hopefully be provided by CKRM.

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