Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dirty Little Secrets - Chapter 1

Good afternoon Regina!!!

What a gorgeous weekend it is out there. Today started with a heavy ice fog, and left a lot of beautiful hoar frost on the trees and anything else it could cling itself to. To me, there is nothing more beautiful in the winter than the sights that you see today.

So, after months upon months, threats of legal action, actual legal action, City Hall Banning and follow up from the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, numerous Freedom of Information requests, today is the day you've all been waiting for. Today, I am posting the first of many weekly blog posts intended to expose the Dirty Little Secrets that have been happening at the City of Regina, the RM of Sherwood, and those who we've put our trust in by electing them into the positions to represent you and I - the taxpayer.

I would like to first start off by setting the scene. Please bear with me as this is essential in understanding the enormity of what I will unveil over the coming weeks. There are those out there - I like to refer to them as my haters - who may say they've known about this or that for a long time, and "what's the big deal?" Well, I believe in being completely open and up front about everything I put out there, and part of that process is ensuring that everyone is able to understand anything that I post on this website. Unfortunately, there is no way to detect the level of knowledge of the thousands that read this blog monthly, otherwise I'd skip the "newbie" stuff and get right into the meat and potatoes. Consider this your prologue, and also the opportunity for those involved in the situations described to also come out on their own before they are exposed for the dirty little crooks that (in my opinion) they are.


There is a basic law of Economics, and that is the concept of Supply and Demand. In short, the idea is if you reduce supply, or are able to increase demand (for whatever product or service you are supplying), then you are able to increase the prices accordingly. We see this basic concept most often at the gas pumps. When you had the Iraq war way back in the early 1990's, gas spiked from averages of $0.35-0.40/L to $0.60-0.70/L in a matter of weeks. This was due to a shortage of supply, and the threat of this continuing for a long time, due to the oil supplies in Kuwait and Iraq at the time. An example of demand increasing is when a long weekend approaches, and prices suddenly spike. With more anticipated travel expected to happen, the demand is obviously going to go up, and - in theory - to protect the supply from running out, you see the prices jump at the pump. I firmly believe there is more collusion to this than the actual law of supply and demand, but that is the theory anyways.

Most industries are majorly influenced by the global economy, with very little impact from local economies. Using the gas example, you generally see gas prices around the same level nation wide, within a reasonable range. However, one industry that is very unique, and very suceptable to local economies, is the housing and land development industry. City Councils are granted pretty powerful authority over regulations that can have a very direct impact to this industry. I'll get into more detail on this concept next week, but in short, City Councils can ultimately (artificially) create a "bubble" by controlling the Supply of housing and developments in a municipality. Obviously, global economics do play a (minor) part in this industry, as a global recession wouldn't allow much investment in new housing, for example.

Where this gets downright disgusting (hence the Dirty Little Secret concept) is when you have those major developers being able to directly influence City Council and City Hall. In an ideal world, you'd have elected officials and senior administration that would remain impartial and wouldn't bow to this pressure. However, in reality, more often than not, this pressure is enough to turn even the most honest of people into what I would certainly call a crook (in my opinion). The concept of housing booms moving from City to City isn't just happenstance, and in the coming weeks, I'll share with you why I feel that way. For now, I'll leave you with two situations that you can review at your leisure.

The first is playing out right now in Calgary, where Canada's most popular and nicest Mayor is being sued for $6M by a - surprise, surprise - developer, for alleged defamation. Thankfully, Mayor Nenshi isn't taking this lying down and is going to fight this to the end.

The second is a very candid conversation that I had with our Mayor back in January 2013. So far, I've only published half of the meeting - that I feel eventually led to them banning me from City Hall. Obviously in my opinion, this banning has far more to do with my objecting to the Mayor, and my recordings of public meetings like this, rather than anyone actually feeling uneasy about me allegedly "roaming" through City Hall.

Here are the portions of the Job Description that I referred to in the interview:

Have a great week Regina!! Oh, be sure to check out the City of Regina Facebook page and website for candid feedback from actual taxpayers, and for the upcoming agendas of various committees. This week proves to be something fun - proposed tax abatements for a company that is represented by none other than THE Mr. John Hopkins (CEO of the Regina Chamber of Commerce) - perhaps this is his reward for helping to push the "Vote No" side of the referendum?

UPDATE: After posting the above, the following was contributed from another member of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group. Please forgive the grammar and language - it is this individual's way of speaking. I try to post as submitted.
I wrote a small bit showing how rumors and falsities - created by and forwarded by family - when left unaddressed can and will grow out of control. Over the course of time by my direct experience, as one who was used as an experiment to see how false stories are skewed, as the lies are passed around and for reasons unknown to me - and though this sounds all very soap opera-ish - I'm telling you that just as investigative journalist writer Chris Hedges and others like him have had to deal with similar B.S. in their careers that what often is never spoken about are the travesties that are the result of false negative projections onto them.

Now that I am at the point of addressing who these psychos are, these small minds of neo cons who rather enjoyed steamrolling a witch-hunt - mostly members of my mothers family - they seem to freeze up and or run when in my sight. So you see that using my own well placed informants, using Freedom of Information legislation, and I have a photographic mind when it comes to noticing people suddenly changing their dance steps (this includes voice body language etc.) I keep journals, I have searched the history of these folks which confirmed their participation. Over the years, their sickness has caused much damage in my life but, yes, documents prove this. But, psychos like these are busy every day creating havoc and ruining many people's lives. Not just I, no; I know that many family members avoid these same sickos for the same reasons that I do. How many non family members avoid them?.....maybe 100's.

Research proves these types of psychopaths - many of who end up in positions of power such as police work, nursing/medical, government justice, unions, etc. - their menu of potential victims is very large. At their home or in the workplace or in their family system they place themselves high up demanding servitude from others in ways that are blatantly obvious or subtle. Either method indicates its game on...a victim is sure to be had. I have a psycho cousin who likely fucked his way into employment opportunities, married a few times as he can't admit to monogamy who spent years trying to slander my community successess. And...he's not alone....that family is chalk full of sickos who will only throw a person in need the short end of the rope. This is a telling truth about these psychos - all psychos really - their claims are they help people often being employed in jobs that cater to helping folk but, no one is ever really helped. In fact, they are harmed by these fucks. Anyone who is a family member or not, who was perceived to be friendly and helpful and ready to address social injustice,s who when it comes time to step up to the plate and get it done doesn't, is in my view and from my research on these sickos, is a perpetrator of the highest order.

The following is from Dr. Judith Herman. She wrote a concise letter about these psychos. Family or not these sicko inbred non-humans will be stopped. I've slowed them down, it took years for them to know I'm on their trail now, soon, they will be totally ceased. And now a few words from the Doctor.

In order to escape accountability for his crimes the perpetrator does everything in his power to promote forgetting. Secrecy and silence are the perpetrators first line of defense.

If secrecy fails, the perpetrator attacks the credibility of the victim. If he cannot silence her absolutely, he tries to make sure that no one listens. To this end, he marshals an impressive array of arguments from the most blatant denial to the most sophisticated and elegant rationalization. After every atrocity one can expect to hear the same predictable apologies, “it never happened, the victim lies, the victim exaggerates, the victim brought it upon herself, and in any case it is time to forget the past and move on.” - NOTE: All of this has happened to me from individuals who shall remain nameless at this point, but I will refer to them as my haters.

The more powerful the perpetrator, the greater is his prerogative to name and define reality, and the more completely his arguments prevail. The perpetrator’s arguments prove irresistible when the bystander faces them in isolation. Without a supportive social environment, the bystander usually succumbs to the temptation to look the other way.

This is true even when the victim is an idealized and valued member of society. Soldiers in every war, even those who have been regarded as heroes, complain bitterly that no one wants to hear the real truth about war.

When the victim is already devalued (a woman, a child), she may find that the most traumatic events of her life take place outside the realm of socially validated reality. Her experience becomes unspeakable.

Judith Herman M.D.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

EXCLUSIVE: More Property Tax Increases Expected in 2014

Happy Grey Cup Weekend Regina!!

In what is seeming to be an ongoing trend, we here at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group are the first outlet in Regina to bring you this breaking story. What began as a simple story where our dear Mayor Fougere was complaining that the Province is set to "reduce" the anticipated revenue sharing amount in 2014, has developed into a bit of a leak on social media, courtesy of the Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee.

Ward 6 City Councillor, Wade Murray, who was re-elected in the 2012 Civic Election by easily the fewest votes in all of Regina (sadly, those in his ward just don't get out to vote, making his victory a pretty easy one based on name recognition alone), posted the following on his Twitter account yesterday.

It would appear that Mr. Murray was simply trying to push his weight around, saying that he knows better than anyone else, just because he is the Chair of F&A Committee. What he apparently doesn't realize is that there are true economists and accountants out there who could budget better with their pinky finger than this self-proclaimed expert. I can't say I know much about Mr. Murray's education or employment background, but I do not think he has been trained in anything financial or otherwise. And, well, if he has, I think he needs to go and ask for a refund.

Thankfully, the Province came back swinging, stating that this should not be a surprise to any municipality, in that it is a formula that has been known for some time, and in fact, any reasonable person ought to have forecasted this all the way back in August, at the latest, based on the formula that is based on a percentage of the PST. Which, I might add, is something that the municipalities had been fighting for, for years now, for "fairness"....yet somehow this is the Province's fault now.

So, there you have it Regina. Get ready for AT LEAST a 3-4% Property Tax hike, straight from the horse's mouth. Now, keep in mind, this is only to account for this supposed "lost" revenue. We also have many other things that have been mentioned over the past few months that hinted toward the need to "find the money somewhere". In related news, expect to see the Grey Cup return to Saskatchewan by 2022, at the earliest - new stadium or no new stadium.

Further contribution from another member of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group:

What is irrelevant about this is: a meager 2 million dollars shorted from Regina's overall yearly budget. A budget dedicated to a population as large as Regina's = 2 cents missing from a bank account of which the balance is 10,000.00. Enough remains in the bank to assure the missing money cannot cripple the services or cause to raise fees and taxes.

What is relevant about this is: Regina's financial books and bank account is not able to function when a few pennies are missing. Termination with cause exists at this time for all administrators who set up the city's financial book, and services plan based on the financial book. 3 to 4 % property tax increase cannot be justified just because a mere 2 million will be shorted from City Operations.

Regina pulls in 2 million dollars per year just from the few parking meters it has. Doubling the parking rates would cure the city's sick excuse for the need of more revenue, as a few pennies are missing from the bank - but, this does not have to be done either. All parking can be free without hurting the bank account. Simply cancel a few of the private contractors from outside of Saskatchewan that are doing City work normally performed by City of Regina staff. Terminate the inbreds who wrote the financial book and do not fill those positions as there is no need for them. Immediately Regina will have enough extra money to waive all parking fees for one year and still have money left over. The Commissionaires who currently write up the parking tickets will not be needed, the savings in wages can allow for free bus service for all disabled people and seniors over 52 for one full year

There will remain still more money left to fund lunches of quality food for the many school kids in Regina who's homes function on, below or just above the poverty line. In fact, Regina could lower that poverty line, fulfill all of this and still have money left over.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

BREAKING: Real Reasons Behind City Hall Banning

Good evening Regina!!!

I hope everyone is having a great week in the Queen (GREEN) City and enjoying all of the Grey Cup festivities - responsibly of course. Today, I was finally provided with the information that I have been chasing for months. Today, I was provided with twenty seven pages of almost fully unedited information, that most certainly points to the true reasoning behind the City of Regina banning me from City Hall. If you recall, back in July, they refused to provide any justification, simply that I wasn't allowed anywhere other than the first floor of City Hall.

This was only AFTER I leaked the above photo of an email that I was fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of. Then, when I sent an inquiry to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, the City finally realized my concerns were real and justified, and they were pretty much forced to provide a response. Unfortunately, their response was very misleading and full of misinformation that was angled in such a manner that made it sound like I was roaming City Hall randomly. While in reality, that was most certainly not the case. Then, they tried to justify their behaviour after being served with Federal Court papers by simply saying it wasn't in the Federal Court's jurisdiction. Note they never outright denied any of the allegations listed in the Statement of Claim.

I will only provide a few screenshots for now, while I meet with my team to decide on the next avenues to take against those that feel it is appropriate to violate my Charter Rights by banning me, needlessly, from City Hall.

Have a great weekend everyone and here's to a HUGE Rider Win in Rider Nation baby!!!

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Coordinated Character Assassinations - Who Is Immune?

Good morning Regina!!!

Well, it's another beautiful weekend in the Queen City, the Riders are in a HOME PLAYOFF game today, and life continues to go and be better everyday.

What I am writing about today is something I never thought would happen to me for a long, long time, if ever. Coming from an 'unknown' to someone that has been the target of Coordinated Character Assassinations, in only a matter of months. We have seen this on much larger levels as of late, specifically that of Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto, and the three Senators in the ongoing Senate Scandal. But now it's hit right here at home, targetting someone as "politically insignificant" as me, no less. I find this to be both a hindrance and a compliment that there are people out there who take me so seriously as a politician, that rather than just ignoring me, they purposely go out of their way to try to destroy my good name. There are even those who take time out of their Cancer treatment to make sure that they get a good jab in here and there.

This week, with the Rob Ford fiasco in Toronto, the question came up on John Gormley Live yesterday as to whether or not he should resign, because of the revelations that have come out and he has admitted to. Surprisingly, I actually agreed with John (yes, there is a first time for everything!) and say that he should take some time away to seek the help he obviously needs, and come back as a stronger Mayor Ford, showing that he can turn this negative into a positive. I personally feel that if his mayoral duties are not significantly impacted by his personal issues, then he should not have to resign if he is willing to get help. At least he is willing to admit his faults, which is a huge step not only for an addict, but also for a politician. (Try to get that admission from Fiacco, Fougere, Wall or Harper) Also, keep in mind there have been "professional" media in Toronto that have been trying so desperately for a long, long time, to find anything to put out there that paints Mayor Ford in a bad light, so I can only imagine the personal life he has had to lead that has led to these unfortunate circumstances.

Then, you have the Senate Scandal where Saskatchewan native Pamela Wallin has been ousted from the Senate due to expense misuse, which I firmly believe is the "norm" in the Senate, and Ms. Wallin is certainly not the only party guilty of this. She has, unfortunately, been one of three that's been targeted by those who don't agree with her politically, and thankfully she is not going down without a fight. I look forward to watching this unfold, as Ms. Wallin was born in the same hometown as my own mother, Wadena.

Finally today, speaking directly to my own personal situation - Political Character Assassination.

Three words I thought I would never have to face so early in my political career, if ever! But, it has been attempted, albeit rather unsuccessfully so far, and I will not go down without a fight either. What I find to be entertaining is watching these folks who think they have all the power in the world, and waste so much of their own personal time and energy, to destroy someone that they publicly describe as "insignificant". If I were indeed so insignificant, you wouldn't have the "Novak Uncovered" blog, you wouldn't have individuals creating parody Twitter accounts because they are too "afraid"(cowardly) to use their real identities online, and you certainly wouldn't have deliberate attempts to not only destroy my life politically, but now personally.

I have it on very good authority that at least one of the individuals behind the "Novak Uncovered" blog is (or was) a City employee, whose only intent is to question me as a politician, on the same grounds that I've accused his boss of in the past. Basically calling me out on my "Accountability and Transparency" in an effort to show that I am some kind of hypocrite. Then you have the former Mayor's Executive Assistant, Mark Rathwell, who made a statement to the media in May 2012, after I accused him of threatening me, where he said that he would "make an effort to turn the tables on me" if I was trying to defame him in any way. Thus it should be no coincidence that shortly before and thereafter, SaskTel received reports from a "Marco Polo" accusing me of using company resources - proven to be false - to further my Mayoral Campaign. It is also no coincidence that an individual using the email of "" or "Mark Odnosmot" has contacted my sponsors/vendors of the Queen City Cruise In, and most recently my employer, in an attempt to get them to distance themselves from me. Thankfully, this has not worked in that person's favour so far. Oh and then there's the posts on the Rider Fans forum where a "Marco" has made a few select posts about me on there. This is but only one individual of the many, who have been major players in this obvious coordinated attempt to not only destroy me politically, but now also to ensure I can never be gainfully employed nor partake in any community event that I so choose to pursue.

Here is some visual evidence for your reading enjoyment:

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Regina City Council Violates Charter Rights

Good evening Regina!!

Well, today, the City of Regina City Council approved (not unanimously mind you) to provide sole authority to Mr. Brent Sjoberg, Chief Financial Officer of the City of Regina, to negotiate $100 MILLION in new DEBT financing for the Stadium portion of the Regina Revitalization Initiative. That's right, ladies and gentleman, one person has now been given full authority to issue $100 MILLION in new debt financing, which is more than we currently have in total debt for the entire City of Regina. (The most recent figure was $83M I believe - this could have since changed)

What is most disturbing about this? The fact that we have now provided sole authorization to an individual who has been the subject of an investigation by the Certified Management Accountants of Saskatchewan for clearly breaching their Code of Ethics.

This investigation was due to at least one formal complaint filed against Mr. Sjoberg, and speaks directly to the questionable behaviour taken by him and other senior - unelected - officials from the City of Regina, during the recent Wastewater Treatment Plant Referendum.

This evening, I addressed City Council about my serious concerns about this, which not surprisingly, were not questioned - nor talked about - by Council. Simply the same backscratching, cheerleading about how wonderful the blue sky project will be, and how "it's not just about the Stadium". Councillor Murray went so far as to say that "if it were only for the stadium, I'm confident that few of us would be in favour of it". What got really interesting was on Friday when, unbenounced to anyone, there was an Agenda for a Special City Council Meeting posted on the City website, setup for this evening, just prior to the originally scheduled City Council meeting- postponed from Monday due to the Regional Planning Summit that apparently takes priority over previously scheduled Council meetings. Add to that how the City Council and RM of Sherwood Council (sans two) made a big hurrah about their "surprise" "monumental" announcement of....regional planning! (Yes, believe it or not, this is supposedly news, even though it was quite obvious when the behind-closed-doors meetings began in July that this was going to happen) Then, in a strange turn of events, most media actually left City Hall immediately following the "surprise" Special Council Meeting when the real - originally scheduled/postponed - meeting was set to begin. I have my theories why this happened, but I'll leave those to another day and time.

Finally this evening, City Council felt it was their right, once again, to censor the taxpaying public. Why this doesn't make news here is truly disturbing, but sadly, not surprising. When you have the media in your back pocket, chances are they won't talk about anything that paints you in a bad light. This is a Charter Right that the City of Regina are in clear violation of, and I'll let the note that was sent to the Canadian Civil Liberties Association (among others) speak for itself:

Below is the full text of my delegation this evening:

Good evening Members of City Council and Senior Administration,

My name is Chad Novak, and I am here today representing the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, a truly grassroots group of individuals from Saskatchewan that are pushing for Accountability and Transparency from their municipal governments. I am here to address the recommendation before you today, to authorize your Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Brent Sjoberg, to negotiate external financing to a maximum of $100 Million for the RRI Stadium Project. I also want to make it very clear that you are not voting on any other portion of the RRI today, solely that of the Stadium portion, and as such, I would respectfully ask that you consider the Stadium on its own merits today.

I would first like to say that, once again, I feel very strongly that this project should be immediately stopped, pending an independent, unbiased vote of the taxpaying population. I feel that this is necessary in order to properly gauge the proportion of citizens of Regina – and Saskatchewan for that matter – that indeed have an interest in seeing the Stadium Project proceed, as proposed. I would refer you to the recent WWTP Referendum results, where 43% of Regina Citizens did not support a unanimous City Council decision. This is certainly contradictory to the sentiments of City Councilors that the citizens of Regina are generally in favour of financial decision that you are entrusted with. At the very least, they deserve to have a fair, unbiased, neutral Referendum hosted by the City of Regina. Failing that, we should have a province-wide Referendum, seeing as how there is significant investment being made by the residents of Saskatchewan for this Regina-based project.

We continue to hear from City Council and Senior City Administration about their serious concerns for our major infrastructure deficit. Now, when we talk major, we are talking in excess of TWO BILLION DOLLARS. This certainly is not chump change, and something that I think we should all begin taking far more seriously. In preparation for today’s meeting, I have reviewed some of the campaign platforms for many on our current City Council, and it seemed that a common theme was the need to tackle this infrastructure deficit head on. Keep in mind that I am not so blind to acknowledge that many also campaigned on the idea of going ahead with the RRI as proposed, but I am a firm believer that, given the option between the two, the citizens of Regina would certainly put infrastructure as a priority over a football stadium.
What I would like to see from this City Council is to put its money where its mouth is. Step up to the plate and demonstrate, not only to Regina citizens, but also to the Provincial and Federal Government, that you want to get this infrastructure deficit tackled. Any and all major capital projects should be delayed, until we can put a sizeable bite into that deficit. Keep in mind that we do have viable alternatives for the stadium to prolong its usable life – but we do not have that luxury with our roads and water mains. We can’t just put a Band-Aid on the water mains, but we certainly can on the stadium. Yes, I know there are complaints about parts of the stadium, but to me, complaints about our roads, sidewalks and transit should always take higher priority than any luxury project.

Let’s consider for a minute what Regina might look like if you were to take this $100 Million that you are wanting to issue in DEBT FINANCING, and reallocate it to our roads, sidewalks and transit, to name but a few important issues. Sure we might not be the envy of Canada for having the latest, greatest football stadium, but we most certainly would be the envy of Canada for being one of the first to tackle their crumbling infrastructure head on and having the smoothest roads, and newest and safest underground infrastructure in Canada. Consider now, if we were to take the entire cost of this project and reallocate that to addressing the parking and traffic nightmare that exists in the downtown core and around our hospitals. Consider if we were able to tackle these issues so much that, within four years, we were able to not only put a freeze on property taxes, but also offer a REBATE to the taxpayers! I know this might sound utopian and idealistic, but I strongly believe that if you give the taxpayers a chance to have their voice heard, and offer them an alternative between the Stadium and Core Infrastructure, these kinds of utopian ideas can become a reality.

One common complaint I hear from our Elected Municipal Officials and Senior City Administration is that “we have limited sources of income”. Well, here is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate that you are able to maximize the benefit realized from those limited sources of income. Also, why not consider alternative revenue streams, such as a Land Bank, to supplement what you already have coming in? How about investing Pension Funds locally into a rental housing co-operative, for example, which could have a three-fold benefit? Reasonable pension returns on investment, increasing affordable housing and increasing the sense of community that a housing co-operative offers to its residents. Another viable source of revenue is the $6M per year that is currently transferred from our utility bills to the general reserve, apparently as an offset for property taxes in-lieu. Or how about the significant advertising revenue that the City loses out on, because they allow private media corporations to not only manage the advertising on the Regina Transit buses, but also to profit at the expense of taxpayers. 

Speaking directly to the issue of authorizing Mr. Brent Sjoberg for negotiating these financing contracts, I have some serious concerns with this, considering that the ethical behavior of members of your Senior Administration have been brought into question by global experts, as a result of their actions in the recent referendum “Vote No” campaign. I feel very strongly that it would be in the taxpayers’ best interest to appoint an independent authority to review the negotiated contracts, before signing, to ensure that we are indeed getting the best “bang for the buck”, and that we are truly maximizing every tax dollar being utilized. It is my understanding that, once the WWTP and Stadium are approved for DEBT FINANCING, our City will be in a very precarious position financially, and it is even noted in the reports that you have reviewed that we need to ensure our finances are monitored very closely. Of course, this would go well beyond just dollars and cents, in that we should be ensuring that we do not get ourselves into a position that could financially ruin the City in the eventual reality of a market downturn.

In closing, I would like to once again suggest that Members of City Council seriously consider what their priorities are, as elected officials. Reviewing your platforms, I am confident that our Major Infrastructure Deficit is certainly a common priority. What you have to decide today, is whether the Stadium, a recreational facility for the enjoyment of a sporting event, is more important to your constituents than the roads we drive on every day, and the pipes that carry our drinking water to our homes. And, remember, Apathy should never be considered to be Acquiescence. Please allow this vote voluntarily, and do not force the citizens of Regina to take legal action to force an injunction on this project.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

How Would YOU Explain Suicide to an 8 Year Old?

Good morning Regina!!!

Another beautiful Sunday morning in the Queen City, and absolutely fantastic weather for November. Here's hoping that the rest of the winter remains relatively mild and snow-free, but as one who grew up in Saskatchewan, I know that anything can happen, and will happen without notice!

Originally this weekend, I had planned to unveil the First Edition in a series of reports on the Corruption and Collusion that is happening in and around Regina, but I have chosen to put that off a few more days. I have my own personal reasons for that, but publicly, I'll tell you that I honestly have had more important issues to work on, and unfortunately, this report has taken the back burner to those issues. Suffice it to say, though, that there is currently a great discussion happening on Twitter (@cavon76) regarding this Corruption and Collusion, where I've been talking candidly about some of the items that will appear in the First Edition of the Report.

What issue has occupied a majority of my time? Well, it relates back to the tragic situation that happened almost two weeks ago, and that being the Suicide of a very beautiful soul, Ms. Savhanah "Savy" Turcotte. This poor girl was bullied so intensely that she felt the only way to get away from the situation was to take her own life. Now, there are those out there who feel it isn't appropriate to be talking about Suicide, in the apparent fear that others may see this as a solution to their own personal situations, and "repeat" that same "way out". I find this attitude truly disturbing, even moreso when you consider the efforts of campaigns such as the "I Am Stronger" campaign, and the "Right By You" campaign, both of which are designed specifically to address this very situation. We should never be afraid to talk about situations where a poor, lost soul felt there only way out of the bullying was to take their own lives. Quite the opposite, in fact, we should talk about it openly and widely, so that others suffering from those very same circumstances know they are not alone, and that there are people willing to listen and to help.

Ironically, poor Savy continues to be the target of some pretty disturbing behaviour online, which is the exact situation that led to this tragic situation. In our City, there are those who feel it's pefectly acceptable to talk publicly about the recent homicides in our City, but somehow when the same situation happens but it's a suicide, it's time to shut up and say nothing until the grieving family is ready to publicly talk on their own. There are so many issues with this attitude, but one of the major things that I see is that suicides like this should very well be treated as a homicide investigation. Why? Because those parties who tormented this poor soul to the extent that she took her own life, should be just as guilty as those who physically attacked someone to the point of their death. Why should we differentiate between a physical cause and a mental cause? I know this viewpoint may be considered extreme, and is going to be attacked by many out there, but just give it some thought. It is something that we, as a society, should be pushing for, in the sense that there are parties out there that are responsible for her death, whether they like it or not, and it should be treated no differently than someone pulling that trigger on a gun, or plunging that knife into someone's body.

Finally today, I share with you a heartfelt email that I was provided by a grieving parent, Crystal Strong. This parent has an eight year old daughter, who was Savy's reading buddy. Obviously there are questions that her eight year old is asking that no parent should ever have to try to answer. Let alone try to answer why there were individuals at the memorial who accused the mother of poor parenting, and others who chuckled throughout the ceremony.

Here is the letter sent from the School. Note, they didn't even spell Savy's name right, if you compare it to the spelling in the obituary.