Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Tax Breaks for the Rich & Tax Hikes for the Poor

Good morning Regina!!

What the mainstream media won't bring you, we gladly will.


Last night, the Regina City Council accepted a report on the 2013 Operating Fund results. In it, there were two glaring displays of gross incompetence on the part of our City's former Chief Financial Officer, current Stadium Lead, and Suspected Instigator of the recent failed Mental Health Warrant against myself, Mr. Brent Sjoberg.

The first being the fact that we have a General Utility Reserve of over $85 MILLION which is set to remain very high over the next five years, even after the repayment of $45M for the GTH utility extension (which is it's own topic for another day), and the much debated P3 WWTP expansion. Add to the fact that a portion of our utility bills currently go to the general coffers, and there is absolutely no justification for the fact we pay 50-75% more than most other cities on Western Canada.

Secondly, because we have such massive reserves, there is absolutely no justification for the record Property Tax rate hike this year, or the past several years. A responsible Municipal Government would tap into these reserves or add to the debt before ever going back to the taxpayers for more money.



Last evening, Regina City Council voted on giving tax breaks to landowners that were recently annexed into our City. It should be noted that included in these landowners are our Former Mayor, his immediate and extended family, his business associates and Corporate Developers such as DREAM (Formerly Dundee), and Harvard Developments (Along with Forster Projects owned by an employee of Harvard, Blair Forster). - It should also be noted that the planned projects by Forster Projects appear to be a driving force behind the entire Regina Bypass, but again, that's another topic for another day.

As Founder of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, I am all about FAIR AND EQUITABLE TREATMENT of ALL Regina Taxpayers. It is evident that this was not respected by the City of Regina last evening, and while it is truly unfortunate, it is also, sadly, not surprising. When you have a fascist regime focused on capitalizing on taxpayer money, they will do anything they can that the general public simply doesn't understand or appreciate the gravity of.

I am here to tell you, which no other outlet will tell you, your tax dollars are being abused and assaulted by a ruling elite that think your tax dollars are their personal bank account. They seem to be so arrogant that, while they could easily afford the extra tax costs of being annexed into the City, they requested to have these extra taxes exempted. This is pure greed, and nothing less. Add to that the fact that it is suspected that many of these landowners were the ones crying to BE annexed last year, and it becomes evident that they want their cake and eat it to. On your dime. (It is not evident as to exactly which landowners requested to be annexed, as the City deems this to be "confidential information")

Then, add to the fact that Former Mayor Pat Fiacco was key in orchestrating the development of lands that were never intended to be developed for a variety of reasons, that conveniently lead right to his lands and those of close relatives, business partners and others, and you can see why I have been harping so much on Mr. Fiacco and his illegal activities as Mayor and beyond. In Ontario, there is a Mayor in the courts for fraud over a $1,700 bill for his kid's wedding. Here in Regina, we have a former mayor that stands to gain millions off the backs of hardworking taxpayers, and the media, the Regina Police Service and others deliberately ignore it, in the hopes that no one will catch on.

We live in a pretty disgusting environment where this kind of activity can go on underneath our very noses, and yet, the media plays dumb and wants taxpayers to do their work for them and bring them the stories.

I should note that - I am perfectly fine with tax exemptions for innocent landowners that were annexed against their will, who legitimately cannot afford the tax rates of the City of Regina.


Friday, 16 May 2014


Happy May Long Weekend Regina!!

After a devastating fire last month, a good friend, Ryley Balon, lost virtually everything to fire, smoke and water damage. As if that weren't bad enough, he was already struggling to make ends meet living in our less-than-ideal Social Services system, and battling daily between having to pay for food or rent. I won't get into all the details here, but suffice it to say, our Social Services system is severely broken in that it is not possible for anyone to pay basic rent in today's inflated market, even with the "rental supplement" that the Government of Saskatchewan provides. Ryley has had to struggle each month just to figure out if he should take money out of his (very limited) food allowance to pay for the rental shortfall, or find other ways to pay for that rental difference. This is something that no one should ever have to deal with, no matter what their situation in life.

We here at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group refuse to stand idly by while we witness such injustices happening in our own backyard. As such, we are proud to announce our FIRST EVER STEAK NIGHT FUNDRAISER to help out those in need of a hand up in our society. We firmly believe in helping those that are simply not able to help themselves due to the many shortfalls of our government programs. This will be the first of many such fundraisers, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to those impacted by these tragic situations. We have also been blessed to have been provided with $25 Gift Cards and 20% off future dining Gift Cards as door prizes, and will also be holding a silent auction. All proceeds from this particular fundraiser will be provided directly to Ryley in order to allow him to get back on his feet, providing much needed clothing, furniture, food and more. This is one of many ways that we plan on giving back to our community with absolutely no expectation of anything more than a "thank you" by those that we can help out. If the event does very well, perhaps Ryley can finally stop having to decide between food and rent - month after month.

As a personal touch, I will hand deliver the steak night tickets to you, if you live in the Regina area. 
Tickets are $25 each and will be held Wednesday, May 28, 2014 at Bocado's in Regina. Tickets are going fast!
Please email for payment details.

We will also have door prizes and a Silent Auction on site. If you cannot attend , but still want to help out, please consider buying two tickets and donating them for others that may not otherwise be able to attend. If you are looking for an evening out, and cannot afford this, please send us your contact information, and we will add you to the list of potential donated ticket recipients. 

We have already received tremendous response, so please act fast as tickets are limited!