Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Fun in Regina!

Happy Summer Regina!!

How is everyone's summer going so far? It's been very hot and dry so far, which can be considered both good and bad, depending on your outlook. Good that we can be outside and enjoy the evenings without mosquitos, the sunny days in the park getting some rays and hit Milky Way for that cool, refreshing treat! Bad, however, for those of you who rely on precipitation for a livelihood. The fact is that farming is a way of life in Saskatchewan, and this hot, dry weather would be great if it was split up by a few odd days of rain in between to help the crops grow big and strong. In contrast, however, last year was a virtual monsoon which didn't help the farmers much either, so it's really a balancing act.

How about your kids? Have your kids been hounding you that they are "bored" already? I remember when I was younger, it would only take a week or two out of school until I was already looking for something exciting to do to keep the summer from dragging. Well, GREAT NEWS everyone!!! We brought it to you in 2012 and 2013 - and we are so happy to hear through the grapevine that the Jurassic Attack MONSTER RIDE TRUCK is coming back to the Queen City for another summer. This time, they'll be here giving rides in a more permanent location, on Eastgate Drive by the old Maxwell's Amusements - the old North Star Motel lot - SEVEN DAYS A WEEK!!

That's right, ladies and gentlmen, for the low, low cost of $10 per ride, you can give your kids the experience of a lifetime and let them blow off some steam. 

This is FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY folks!! Starting this week until September 30, so get out there often, because you know the summer will fly by before you know it.

For more information, visit their website at