Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Broken Social Services System Failing Our Children

Good afternoon Regina!!

It is because of rare situations like the tragedy at the Cornwall Centre two weeks ago that we get to catch a glimpse into the potential future of those that are destroyed by our less than ideal Social Services system in Saskatchewan.

I truly do feel for the families of the victims, but I feel even more for those that are tossed around in our system because our fucking government has nothing better to do with their time (and our money) than to pad their own fucking pocket books and those of their developer-friendly cohorts.

I sincerely APPLAUD the amazing folks out there, like our good friends (names withheld for their right to privacy), for doing their part in helping provide a better life for children stuck in this severely broken system.

It is amazing and rare that you get guardian angels like these people, that take the time to care for a child at any cost. They open their hearts, their home and their wallets to an amazingly gifted child who was born to an individual who has their own problems to deal with (not going to name specifics due to privacy). Our great friends spent the first few years of this child's life being the only parents that he knows. In my opinion, they rightfully deserve to be able to adopt him into their lives to be a permanent part of the family that he has known, and loves dearly, since only a few months old. Unfortuntely, solely because our great friends are of "non-aboriginal" descent, the aboriginal community has first rights to this child. No matter how long our great friends actually parent him, care for him, and love him unconditionally, they get the short end of the stick, as does their amazing blessing from God.

Our Social Services system is severely broken. 

There are only two ways to fix it. Either DEMAND BETTER from Premier Brad Wall or Elect another party in 2016.  
Enough is enough!! 

UPDATE: This came across my Facebook feed late this afternoon. Another sad example of our severely broken Social Services program. MANY THANKS TO SPENCE BERGEN for stepping up and helping out where our system failed.

Monday, 28 April 2014

WANTS versus NEEDS: You decide!

Good evening Regina!!

Two weeks ago Tuesday, I sent the following email to every member of the Regina City Council, Senior City Administration, the Ministry of Government Relations, my local MLA, the Premier, CUPE, the Media, and some amazing supporters and past acquaintances of myself and the efforts of those behind the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group. To date, not a single member has replied to this enquiry, even though they have assured the general public that they take every concern very seriously and want to make every effort to ensure that our crumbling infrastructure is taken care of long before the wants and desires of the few elite members of our great communities. (AKA The #yqrmafia)

This is evidence that there is absolutely no desire, on behalf of these politicians anyways, to actually proactively address our alleged $2 Billion infrastructure deficit

The only thing that these individuals seem to care about is finding ways to exploit the needs of many in order to further their own distorted view of "capitalism" (which is actually Fascism). It is very easy to simply state that we have a massive infrastructure deficit. But it is far more difficult (for them anyways) to put (our) money where (their) respective mouths are and pony up when push comes to shove. As the saying goes, ACTIONS speak far louder than WORDS.

We must all ask ourselves - what do our City Council, City Administration, and Provincial leaders believe are more important to our province and our communities? Pet projects such as "Pat's Patio" ($14-24 MILLION City Square Plaza project developed on the backs of hard working taxpayers, effectively destroying any sense of community that the Regina Downtown may have had, also destroying the traffic flow and parking situation in Downtown Regina), "Mosaic 2.0" ($278M+ completely unnecessary, duplicate stadium project - awarded to PCL Construction, major contributors to Mayor Fougere's mayoral bid, and Premier Wall's Saskatchewan Party), and "P3" projects such as the WWTP upgrades ($230M+ - the "P3" however seems to stand more for Public (dollars) for Private Profit). Or desperately needed expenditures, like true infrastructure upgrades, fixing our crumbling roads, addressing the exhorbitant pension deficits and fiscally-responsible management of our municipal and provincial debt load, to name but a few.

It is clearly evident, Saskatchewan, that our politicians are waiting for the public pressure to be put on them, to demand their focus be on the needs of many, rather than the wants of just a few.

Good afternoon members of City Council and Senior City Administration,

Thank you once again for taking the time to reconsider the projects that are currently proposed under the Local Improvement Program. As a very concerned taxpayer, and a representative of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, it brings me great pleasure to provide recommendations of viable alternatives to address our crumbling infrastructure deficit, which by your own accounts, is in the area of $2 BILLION. While I appreciate you each might have your own opinion on HOW we got to the point we are now or who is responsible for funding it, the fact of the matter is we are here. And, as such, we need to work together AS A CITY to find ways to address this ever-growing problem.

As I've made very clear in my delegations on this matter, the Local Improvement Act, 1993, is entirely optional in how it is implemented or applied, as well as what portion you choose to fund for each project that is deemed necessary under this program. While I disagree with your interpretation of what projects should be included under the Local Improvement Act, I agree that we have roads, sidewalks and other core infrastructure that are in desperate need of attention. Some of these needed repairs, by your own internal documents, are three to four decades past their useful life. To me, this is completely unacceptable, and to simply defer this to Administration to "come back with a report" is irresponsible and reprehensible. You owe it to the citizens of Regina to address the crumbling roads now. Not tomorrow, not next month, next year or 10 years from now. We will have to agree to disagree on what caused us to get into this situation, but the fact of the matter is you must ACT NOW.

To avoid a City-wide Tax Revolt, like the Business Tax Revolt of 1988, which is what you are sure to have on your hands soon enough, I would highly recommend going ahead with ALL PROJECTS that were recommended to you in the 2014 Local Improvement Program list, and also any others that were scheduled to be completed within the past 20 years that were postponed/stopped due to successful petition drives by residents. As I have stated, and your administration should be well aware of, the primary funding for these projects is intended to be through debt financing, as per the Act. Thus, there should be zero impact to the Operating Budget for 2014 or prior years.

We all recognize it "costs money" to fix these situations, but so does building a $278M stadium, a $25M City Square Plaza, a questionably-needed, privately-run $250M WWTP facility, or any other capital project that you have on your wish list. It is high time you demonstrate to taxpayers that you understand the difference between NEEDS and WANTS. We all WANT to have a flashy BMW or a fancy house, but we don't NEED them. We all NEED to have roof over our heads, especially in the dead of winter in Saskatchewan. We all WANT to have a car for our primary mode of transportation. But we NEED to have some form of primary transportation, such as a meaningful and useful Transit system.

I implore you, as a representative of many taxpayers who are too afraid to even speak to you, let alone come public with acknowledging they support me, in fear of being publicly reprimanded by the likes of some on Council and those that operate the ridiculous Twitter parody accounts. Do what you know is RIGHT. Don't do it because you're afraid of not being re-elected in 2016, do it because you know this is what taxpayers want. For you to plead ignorance to the wants and desires of Taxpayers is not acceptable any longer. If you spent the time doing your public research, like I have, and speaking directly to those impacted by these situations, and not just those who you choose to speak to, then perhaps you would be fully aware that the majority of taxpayers DO NOT want to pay extra money for these desperately needed road and sidewalk repairs. They DO WANT the work to still get done, however. I know you might run the risk of getting sued by those that have had to pay for the 65 projects since 2000, but so be it. If that is your fear, might I suggest finding a way to refund those taxpayers proactively, preventing the need for good-hearted citizens to take the time and money to pursue you legally.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter, and I trust that at least one of you will take the time to respond to genuine Taxpayer concerns - regardless of your personal viewpoints on myself as a person.

Best Regards,

Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group

Saturday, 26 April 2014

TFW Part One: Is Saskatchewan's "Boom" about to Bust?

Good afternoon Regina!!

I have long maintained that Saskatchewan's "boom" is one that has been artificially manufactured, due to the deliberate abuse and misuse of the Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) program. I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to the CBC Go Public Team for bringing this issue to the national spotlight.

First off, I truly commend the Federal Government for initiating the TFW program years ago, in an attempt to truly help with the need in certain labour markets for immediate "temporary" essential help, which could be found nowhere else. This helped many businesses in a time of desperation, in order to allow them to continue operations without much of a hiccup.

But, then, some greedy fascist corporate giants (some like to think of them as capitalists, but they are far from that) found out just how amazing this program can be, and how it could be manipulated in a manner that one could only dream of.  
Wise Words from the late, great Mr. Tommy Douglas:

The Temporary Foreign Workers program allowed employers to basically get a non-stop stream of dedicated, hard working staff, at a very minimal cost to their bottom line, while being allowed to virtually enslave these workers for a minimum of two years, with little to no complaining from the workers. This allowed the employers to basically have paid slaves that couldn't talk back, couldn't question authority, or dare to speak out about the working conditions, because if they did, well, they'd be threatened to be "shipped back" home.

Add to that, the fact that the workers were being promised a life that they could only dream of back home, typically the Phillipines, with a fraction of the work hours of back home, and a wage (even at near minimum wage) that was light years ahead of what they could get at home. They were promised the opportunity to travel back home to visit family, and send as much money back home as they'd like. After two years of being enslaved to whatever corporation brought them over, they were then "allowed" to do whatever they wanted, as long as they were granted permanent resident status. They would also then be allowed to move their family to Canada, as they chose. It should be noted that their employment was also tied to the province of original employment, and if they chose to pursue other employment in other provinces during that time, employers made it very difficult to do so. After the two years, however, the TFW's were free to move to anywhere in Canada they chose.
This is a key factor when considering how this impacts Saskatchewan and it's "booming" population.

What everyone needs to keep in mind is that many of these Temporary Foreign Workers in the hospitatlity sector are college graduates, often highly skilled and highly qualified for some other much-needed professions here in Canada. Did the government put them into those professions? Of course not. They gave them the "menial" jobs that no one else would do for the measly $10-12/hour that the corporations were willing to pay. This was not a matter of an actual labour shortage, but more of a shortage of reasonably paid positions offered by employers. Add to that, the fact that many employers received Wage Subsidies from the Government of Saskatchewan to employ these Temporary Foreign Workers, and the already "cheap" labour was even cheaper than you could get Canadians to work for, even at minimum wage. And, contrary to the CFIB's claims that there were no subsidies provided, I personally know for a fact there were, as I was employed in the hospitality industry and I was the person handling the wage subsidy payments as they came in. It is possible these subsidies have since been removed, but that is highly unlikely given the continued intensity of the TFW program within Saskatchewan.

When considering boycotting any businesses, please, please keep this in mind:

Stay Tuned for Part Two! 
I will speak to how this may have a severe impact to Saskatchewan's "boom" and how it pertains directly to the next Provincial Election.

Friday, 25 April 2014

Help support the Defeat Depression Campaign

Good afternoon Regina!!!

I "came out of the closet" last summer with the fact that I have a mental illness, and as such, I have been battling the negative stigma that is associated with that on an ongoing basis. Many of you are very accepting and understanding of the situations surrounding Mental Health, but some are either not aware of just what is involved with having a mental illness, or don't quite understand how severe it can be suffering from an illness that is both invisible and highly misunderstood in our society.

This year, I am very proud to be taking part in the 2014 Defeat Depression "Move for Mental Health" campaign. Will you please help this great program by sponsoring my efforts through the link below? The event is on Saturday, May 10, 2014 at 9:00AM. I would be honoured if you would support the efforts financially, but even more honoured if you would show up in support of this great campaign.

Thank you everyone for your help and understanding!

Click the following link to donate:

Thursday, 24 April 2014

EXCLUSIVE: RPS Harassment Hits Home

Good afternoon Regina!!

What more can be said, but wow? Wow. Just wow. I have tried to extend an olive branch to the Regina Police Service on more than one occasion over the past several months, by offering to meet with them to discuss proactive ways to address some serious issues that affect our great City. (Full Audio Interview with Elizabeth Popowich will be posted in a future blog post) What has been their response? "We'll think about it" They refuse to even sit down and discuss some ideas that may actually make their jobs easier. Why? Are they afraid that their jobs might actually get easier, and thus they won't have the ability to justify their exhorbitant budget that keeps magically going up - without question - each and every year?

If the focus of a Police Service is to reduce crime and proactively address crime before it happens, why would they refuse to listen to ideas of taxpayers? 

I want to make it perfectly clear that I am not asking for preferential treatment by any means. I have made this very clear to any officer I have ever spoken with, and most respect and understand that I genuinely want to make our City a better and safer place to live in. Some, however, seem to think I am doing this for attention, for revenge, or for a future mayoral campaign. Those who think that way, I should add, are also on the list of "Dirty Cops on the Take" that the RPS have under Criminal File #RM11000963 - a proud partner of the "#yqrmafia". In that file, it speaks to bribes offered between the U of R and the RPS. I lay no claim to knowing what all is in that file, I am only sharing it with the public. If the RPS choose to disclose the details, then that is their choice.

On Easter Sunday, my darling wife and I were rudely awakened by the arrival of three uniformed Regina Police members. These were the same three who attended City Hall when I had requested an escort to the Mayor's office to deliver some legal documents, as is my Charter Right. They are: Constable Roger Wiebe (Badge #691), Constable Andrea Renchko (Badge #815) and Sargent Cameron Kuffner (Badge #537). All three also happen to be named in the Criminal File #RM11000963. In the below video, you will witness the ignorant attitude and treatment of myself, a TAXPAYING CITIZEN OF THE CITY OF REGINA, by Constable Wiebe. You will also note that they had no respect for the time of day (before 10AM on a weekend), the day (EASTER SUNDAY - THE Holy Day), the perception of my neighbours (When three uniformed officers attend your residence in a quiet suburb, it's going to raise eyebrows), or the possibility that I had guests over for Easter Weekend and what their perception might have been to be awoken by three uniformed Police Officers.

What's worse, is what might my neighbours think is going on at our house? Were we guilty of a crime? Did we have family members pass away? 

These are things that all members of the Regina Police Service should keep in mind when considering future dealings with ANY taxpaying citizen of our great City.

Sunday, 20 April 2014

EXCLUSIVE: Targeted by the RPS?

UPDATE: Arrested for parking on the Plaza
On Monday, April 21, 2014, one day after the "4/20 rally" in Victoria Park - where absolutely no arrests were made - I decided to take a cruise downtown to enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. I figured a great place would be the City Square Plaza, since it is closed to through traffic, and would be a relaxing environment to have the top down on my Convertible. I had actually joked on my personal Facebook about "how long will it take for the RPS to arrive?" Little did I realize they actually WOULD show up. 

Even worse, that they had actually been DISPATCHED to attend to my "illegal" parking on the Plaza, based on a complaint. What's even worse - I was ARRESTED for "Breaching the Peace". Yes. Arrested. What constituted "breaching the peace", exactly? Apparently taking video of the officer in her cruiser is grounds for that. Or at least, that's the best conclusion that I am able to arrive at, since the officer wasn't willing to answer many of my questions.

I was arrested, detained for over an hour in the back of a stuffy cruiser (first time in my life by the way), threatened with taking me into cells, threatened with seizing my vehicle, and refused access to contact my lawyer. In the end, I was released, "allowed" to take my car, and given only a parking ticket. Yes - a parking ticket. Of course I'll be fighting that in court, because I know the rules around the City Square Plaza after renting it on a few occasions, and know this is not right. 

But, the more important issue, of course, is was this a wrongful arrest, and if so, what will I be doing to pursue this injustice? I will not speak about that publicly at this point in time. 

For now, here is the video of the arrest:

Happy Easter Sunday everyone!!

Well, this morning, in what has to be described as nothing less than an absolute shock to the system, my household was rattled by a disgusting display of an abuse of authority that I would never have imagined from our "Finest". While many in Regina were either sleeping in, or getting ready for Church, my wife and I were awoken by the arrival of THREE Regina Police Service members attending my personal residence.

 The same three who were exposed in the below EXCLUSIVE video:

What were they here for? Was it because of my "attacks" on the #yqrmafia online over the past couple days? Was it to inform me of a deceased family member? Was it to advise me that they have successfully arrested one of the individuals who have been criminally harassing myself over the past number of months?

Nope. None of the Above!

It was to inform me that they were dropping the file against MR. CHRIS SPENCER, who uttered the following disgusting tweet:

I hadn't formally published anything on this complaint previously as I did not want to compromise the "investigation" that ought to have followed the below Police Report (File #RM14019186)
Instead, I was told that they were simply dropping the file because - in their opinion - this didn't qualify as "counselling" suicide. It should be noted that it is not their job - as officers - to determine the guilt of a party. They are to enforce the LAW as best interpreted. It is the job of the legal system to determine the guilt of a party. This is obviously a case that should have at least made it to the Courts to determine the guilt or innocence of this individual.

This, in my opinion, is evidence of nothing more than pure revenge against myself because I dared to publicly out the actions of these three officers from the incident at City Hall last month. I have full video evidence of this incident, but will not be posting the video of the event in question until I have had a chance to meet with appropriate legal counsel to determine the next course of action.

For now, I'll let the circumstancial evidence speak for itself. 

YOU BE THE JUDGE. #CourtOfPublicOpinion

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Fougere: "Let's Fix Roads Only - Scrap the Sidewalks!"


NOT-SO-BOLD PREDICTION: When the City of Regina comes back in a year ("well before the 2015 budget period") and recommends changes to how they can "fix" the way they apply the Local Improvement Program, my money is on that they will recommend completely scrapping the necessary repair of sidewalks, so that local roads can be fixed without the added costs to taxpayers. This recommendation is obvious, when you listen to the horribly scripted words that our Mayor and Council spoke last night at the Off-Broadway musical held inside Henry Baker Hall, called Regina City Council Meeting.

Some of the ideas talked about last night are pretty scary. They spoke of "grading" the streets as a temporary measure, simply "capping" concrete sidewalks which are in desperate need of repair with asphalt, and finding a better solution to the ridculously inflated - loan sharkesque - interest rates that the City imposes on Taxpayers if they choose to finance said construction.

This is completely unacceptable, and utterly ridiculous that our Senior City Administration thinks that there truly are no other viable alternatives to fixing our horribly outdated, crumbling streets and sidewalks, which they continue to bitch about day-in, day-out to other levels of government. It's no one else's fault but their own (The City's) that the state of our streets and sidewalks has fallen into such disrepair as they have, to the tune of $2 BILLION, according to City claims. The Feds aren't the ones who chose to budget horribly for decades, fail to plan for a proper road renewal program, or opt to build a disgustingly over-budget City Square Plaza, or a completely unnecessary copycat stadium (Mosaic 2.0).

MAYOR FOUGERE: "[The review] is going to generate some ideas on some program changes ... or whether we even have a Local Improvement Program at all,"

Here are a few recommendations that took far less than a year to do, cost ZERO taxpayer dollars and can be implemented ASAP. 
What do you say?

Thursday, 10 April 2014

City Hall Declares War on Democracy

Good afternoon Regina!!

In an interesting string of events, the City of Regina has made it quite clear that they will not respect the rights of Taxpayers to Freedom of Expression. What began as a very questionable ban on individuals' entry into City Hall has developed into what can best be described as an all out war on democracy. Keep in mind that I am not the only individual who is currently banned from City Hall for nothing more than questioning the actions of the Mayor, Council and/or Administration.

Recently, the City of Regina changed their Bylaw for delegations to City Council, to limit speeches to five minutes, from the former ten, and - what was publicized as - a less stringent rule on reading your delegations word for word. As a challenge to the latter change, I submitted four delegation speeches to speak on a variety of issues that will be debated on Monday at City Council. Throughout the email exchange, it became very evident that City Hall did not like this challenge, and have set a pretty dangerous precedent in their ultimate decision. Not only have they chosen to cut your speech time in half, but now, you must still stick to the full speech submission, and provide only a "verbal summary" of your speech/delegation, if you so choose. This is contrary to what Mayor Fougere, and City Clerk Jim Nicol, had stated to the public previously, when they clarified that this change would actually allow people more freedom in their delegations.

I submit to you, below, the full email correspondence between the City and myself. Also, in a related matter, the Security footage from March 12, 2014 when I had requested a Police Escort into City Hall to hand deliver Court Documents to the City Clerk. Little did I realize that they would actually send three officers - not to uphold my Charter right - but to uphold a questionable ban that the City of Regina has imposed against myself, for no other reason than the fact that I've questioned City Hall. There is much more to the story on this one, but that will be saved for a future blog post.

From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 9:59 AM
To: Jim Nicol; Erna Hall
Subject: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning,
Please find attached requests to delegate to City Council on Monday, April 14, 2014. These requests are in relation to the Downtown Transportation Study, the Regina Revitalization Initiative, the 2014 Regina Downtown BID budget, and the Local Improvement Program projects for 2014.
I trust that they meet your new guidelines, but if there are any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience.

Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group

 On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 10:46 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning Mr. Novak:

Thank you for your communication identifying that you wish to be a delegate at the City Council meeting scheduled for Monday, April 14, 2014.  Your reference to the changes for delegations at Council is not the complete picture.  I have included in this email, the relevant part of the section of Bylaw #9004, The Procedure Bylaw, which deals with Council delegations.

16. (1) Every delegation wishing to appear before Council shall:
(a) Submit a letter to the City Clerk requesting to appear as a delegation including the date of the meeting at which they wish to appear, the subject or topic to be discussed, the name and correct mailing address
of the spokesperson, and telephone number where the representative of the delegation can be reached during the day; and
(b) Submit a brief clearly setting out the full text of their presentation and the request being made of Council.
(2) The letter and brief shall be printed, typewritten or legibly written and shall be originally signed.
(2.1) When the spokesperson appears before Council he may either make the presentation submitted pursuant to clause (1)(b) or provide a verbal summary of that presentation, subject to the time limits in subsection (9).
(3) Bound documents or studies in support of the delegation's brief shall, if sufficient copies are provided by the delegation, be circulated with the agenda, but will not be reproduced.
(4) The brief shall be temperate and respectful and may be rejected by the City Clerk, with the approval of the Mayor, if in his opinion it does not respect the Council or the City administration.
(5) On receipt of an application and acceptable brief, the City Clerk shall:
(a) If the brief deals with a Mayor's, Administration’s, Committee or Informational Report or a bylaw, place the matter on the agenda for the meeting at which the related item is to be considered.
(b) If the brief deals with a subject which is not on the Council agenda, list the brief on the agenda under the Referred Delegation Section, and provide copies of the brief to the members of Council, City Manager, City Solicitor and the news media who are listed on the City Clerk's distribution list.
(c) The City Clerk shall provide at the beginning of the Referred Delegation Section a report recommending the committee to which the briefs are to be referred.
(6) No delegation shall be heard unless they have
(i) complied with Subsections 9(3), 10(2) and 16(1) of this Bylaw, and
(ii) Council has passed a resolution during the confirmation of the agenda that all delegations listed on or added to the agenda be heard in the order approved by the confirmation of the agenda and when called forward by the Mayor, or in his absence, the Deputy Mayor or Acting Deputy Mayor.

We will be more than happy to add you as a delegation at Council once you have complied with the above-noted requirements. Although the bylaw states your submission has to be ‘originally signed’, we accept emailed submissions, deeming them to be ‘originally signed’ in accordance with current law practises.

Please let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to receiving your written submissions.


Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:05 AM
To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning Ms. Hall,
As per the new guidelines, it is my understanding that delegations can speak verbally to the submission, but do not have to adhere to what was submitted. And, in fact, as per Mayor Fougere's suggestions when reviewing these procedures, he suggested that the written submission could be for background informational purposes only, and a delegation could speak to the matter, but bring up new information that the delegation did not submit in their written submission.
Please advise if you feel this is inaccurate, and if so, why it was deemed appropriate for the Mayor to suggest such a thing. Remember, Mr. Fougere, along with others on the Executive Leadership Team, have been documented of stating something to the public and changing their minds at a later date. If this is the situation here, I would highly recommend that it be thought out well in advance and with consideration that all of these decisions are documented on video for public inspection at a later date.
Thank you,

On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:14 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning:

While you are correct in stating that you can ‘speak verbally’ to the submission, it is still a requirement that a written submission be provided to the City Clerk.  You have the choice, at the meeting, to provide a verbal summary of the written submission provided, or read the submission within the allotted time.

I am confident that this provides the necessary clarification.

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina

From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:19 AM

To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Good morning Erna,
You bet it does. Thus, I would ask that my original delegations be accepted as submitted. I will speak verbally (a verbal summary) to the issues at hand in each delegation. I have met your requirements to provide a written submission, and I trust that it will meet your expectations.

If you choose to deny me this opportunity, then I shall seek further information from the legislative bodies that authorize those within your administration.

Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group


On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 11:28 AM, Erna Hall <> wrote:
Good morning:

As stated previously, your written submission must clearly set out the matter at issue and the request made of Council.  It cannot merely contain a statement that you wish to address Council.  Your request to be a delegate will be considered complete, once a written submission outlining the matter and your concerns/request of Council is received. 

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


From: Chad4Regina []
Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2014 11:38 AM

To: Erna Hall
Cc: Jim Nicol
Subject: Re: City Council Delegations April 14, 2014

Once again, in each of my submissions, I have done just that. I have clearly stated the subject matter that I wish to discuss, and identified myself, as required by the Bylaw. If you wish to have individuals submit word-for-word what they are going to say, it kind of defeats the purpose of modifying the already horribly strict Bylaw, does it not?
Please advise ASAP, as I do not have the time right now to dedicate hours to write out my submissions that you ought to already be aware of what I am going to be talking about, based on my previous delgations at each Committee, and the matter outlined within the delegations.
Thank you,

Erna Hall

1:21 PM (3 hours ago)

to me, Jim
Good afternoon:

As previously stated, your submission does not meet the City of Regina’s bylaw requirements.  Until such time as you provide our office with a written submission that meets the requirements, you will not be added as a delegation to the Council meeting. 

Further comments from our office will not be provided until such time as a submission meeting the bylaw requirements is received.

Erna M. Hall
A/Deputy City Clerk – Council Support
City of Regina


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

City of Regina Legal "Expertise"?

Good morning Regina!!

Upon review of many court cases that have been filed against the City of Regina, it would appear that a very common position used by the City's "well qualified" legal counsel, Ms. Christine Clifford, is probably about THE worst "defense" I have ever seen - and she has used it over, and over, and over. I am no lawyer, but even I know that when your most common "defense" is based on mere - perceived - technicalities, like a case is "out of this court's jurisdiction" or "frivolous or vexatious" or "past the statutory timelines", you have one extremely poor legal counsel, and how the hell she has managed to remain employed at the City for so long, let alone be allowed to represent the City, is beyond me.
This "lawyer" receives compensation of six figures each and every year of YOUR TAX DOLLARS to basically argue - miserably inaccurate - technicalities in the Courts, no matter how ludicrous, and to try to play the judge in the City's favour. If you take the City to court and do not know your legal rights, and she is able to sway the presiding judge that you don't know your legal rights, she has and will seek to "strike" your claim out based on one of the aforementioned technicalities.

This may have worked for her in the past, but it most certainly is NOT the way the justice system is intended to work, and she most certainly will NOT remain employed with the City for very much longer with this horrible, horrible example of gross incompetence.

I forsee many, many legal actions being pursued against the CITY OF REGINA in the very near future to appeal prior claims that were struck or dismissed based on Ms. Clifford's disgusting attempts to abuse her powers at the City. Not to mention her attempts to deliberately manipulate the courts in the favour of her employer. If anyone is being frivolous and vexatious, it would most certainly not be those that have filed against the City of Regina, but ironically, the very individual who has used this "defense" all too often. (Oh and it should also be noted that she has represented the Board of Police Commissioners and the Regina Police Service in the past)

Sunday, 6 April 2014

BREAKING: Dundee Realty versus City of Regina

Congratulations to NewsTalk 980 CJME for being the first "mainstream" media outlet to cover this story, which we broke right here at

Congratulations to the Regina Leader-Post for being the second "mainstream" media outlet to cover this story. Will they use the same excuse that Rawlco used, though, as to why they hadn't covered it previously?

Good morning Regina!!!!

After a week of unbelievable revelations of (alleged) gross misconduct on the part of several "elite" individuals within our great City, an anonymous tip came in today that stands to put all of that to shame.

In an EXCLUSIVE to the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, we have become aware of a Court Action between DUNDEE REALTY CORPORATION and the CITY OF REGINA.

The apparent reason for the Court Action stems back to the original Servicing Agreements regarding the construction of Harbour Landing. Upon review of the Court Documents, the issues go back to 2009 and the file has been before the courts since July 27, 2012. It should be noted that Dundee Realty Corporation is the largest land developer in all of Regina, and most certainly is a well known presence in the Canadian Development landscape. It should also be noted that Dundee and the City of Regina have had a pretty close relationship regarding land development in Regina. Well - at least they used to. This Court challenge could certainly cause some serious shifts of power within the development industry in Regina.

It is no secret to anyone in the development industry that there is bad blood between many local companies and that of Dundee - the "big boys" - coming in and taking over the Regina development landscape. In my role at Crawford Homes, I was witness to just how big a player Dundee is in Regina, and I assure you, this is no frivolous lawsuit that Dundee has launched - which is what the City's lawyer, Ms. Christine Clifford, alleges in part of her defense against Dundee. This seems to be a popular stance for her, as this was her stance in both recent Court of Queens Bench actions that were filed against the City by myself over two pretty major issues: - The 2012 Municipal Election (alleged) rigging, and the Regina Revitalization Initiative project being subject to an independent review pending the outcome of the current CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION regarding the project.

This story is only just beginning. 

We, at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, want to thank you for your continued support, and we welcome any inquiries from the Media to expand on this breaking story.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Time to disband the Regina Downtown BID?

Good afternoon Regina!!!

It has become glaringly obvious that the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District has forgotten what they even exist for. Judith Veresuk, Executive Director, and Leasa Gibbons, Marketing Director, seem to think it's their own personal playground and they can play monopoly with people's hard earned money. What they don't seem to understand is that, the BID is supposed to be finding ways to - I know this might be tough to believe - IMPROVE THE DISTRICT!!!

Did you know? 

The City of Regina has also changed the time limits in the immediate vicinity of the downtown from two hours to one hour? 

Also, they have added more "No Stopping" zones in METERED spots along sections of the downtown.

And, believe it or not - and this is directly from a "Parking Supervisor" (senior ticketer) - there are many in the downtown core who are provided permits from the City to park free all day, who abuse these priveledges a LOT. This is known by the front line staff, but the executives (whose friends are the ones abusing the system of permits) don't care - obviously.

It's high time that the Regina Downtown Business Improvement District either remember why they exist in the first place (to represent ALL Regina downtown businesses - not just a certain family), or they be decommissioned. It is utterly ridiculous that the City was allowed to blow $10-20 MILLION of our tax dollars on the downtown traffic nightmare that is called the Plaza, which has contributed heavily to our downtown parking nightmare, not to mention cost a long time business, the Novia Cafe, their livelihood.


If this City Council won't, I know many who will.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Mayor Fougere Breaks Law Again

Good evening Regina!!

Today, the Regina City Council (Executive Committee) once again voted to break a provincial law and delegate their authority to Mr. Brent Sjoberg, CMA. The mayor doesn't seem to think breaking the law is a big deal, but I know I certainly do!

And then, they considered a report from consultants IBI Group, based out of Ontario, which suggested some pretty common sense ways to fix the downtown, which the former City Council royally screwed up. One recommendation is an off-street parking facility, which is something I recommended way back in February 2012 before I officially launched my Mayoral Campaign. And, it didn't cost me a dime to suggest that. (The consultant's report cost you taxpayers $300,000)

Will you please join me in demanding accountability from this Fascist leader? 

March Against Corruption Demonstration

Good morning Regina!!!

Here is the video I promised you. Monday, I kicked off the March Against Corruption week right here in Regina. There is so much that is happening this week, it is hard to keep up. From the Regina Police Service being outed for breaching privacy for their friends at the Regina Dolphin Club (vis a vis the City of Regina), to City Hall voting on giving more of your tax dollars away to organizations that just don't need it, to City Hall voting on authorizing ANOTHER $100M debt for the Stadium project.

I'll try to keep updating the site with as much as I can, but it's tough with so much going on!
Stay tuned for more.