Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Former Mayor "Threat"??

Good evening Regina!!!

I wasn't planning on another Blog Post for a couple of days, but tonight, I got the most interesting of Tweets, and I think it's worthwhile for my readers to see it. Personally, I would deem this to be very much a threat, and I hope that the Regina Police Service are continuing their investigation on this kind of activity on my open file on Mr. Pat Fiacco, amongst other individuals, for the constant online and offline harassment of myself.

Let's examine this statement "Pay the Piper" for a second:
Now, I'm not a violent person - never have, never will be. But, when you have a professional boxer making this statement, one would think there may be a physical element to it. I'm hoping not, but I sincerely hope that the Regina Police Service are watching this post and are going to start finally taking this file seriously.


  1. Chad, problem with you is you read too much into things. Obviously he means you are finally going to get your mouth sewn shut about he and his family. I don't read threats in here, I read you are going to have to open your wallet. and it's about time.

  2. When a person of such public stature and recognition makes a comment like that on Twitter a realistic person is going to view that more as legal action than physical harm. He isn't going to be so stupid as to publicly threaten you. Anyone that has followed you knows you have gone too far with your libel (libel by your own definition).

    Your comeuppance is going to be legal action whether you can grasp that or not.