Saturday, 17 August 2013

Deceptive Advertising - Who's Worse?

Good morning Regina!!!

I feel this is very important to share with everyone. There were some shots fired recently by the City of Regina and Mayor Fougere when CUPE posted a full page ad in the Leader Post showing a little girl drinking water. They said this was a deliberately misleading ad. Maybe, maybe not. BUT, is the City of Regina immune to this kind of "misleading" advertising? I will let you decide by following this link, evidence of what the City of Regina HAS done in the past, and still currently do.

I asked around to see why these seemingly ridiculous ads were ever distributed in the first place, and it appears that these were in response to the Federal Government's new standards being implemented for Wastewater Treatment Facilities.
If this isn't irony in it's purest form, I don't know what is!

Finally today, here is a very informative video that demonstrates exactly how our Wastewater Treatment Facility operates, and is far more than "just sewage", as the City of Regina would lead you to believe

On September 25, be sure to VOTE. Vote Yes - Vote No - Just #VOTEINFORMED
This message brought to you by Chad A. Novak, CMA, on behalf of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group.

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