Friday, 30 August 2013

Labour Day - Do You Know What It Means?

Good evening Regina!!

On this long weekend, how many of us truly understand just what "Labour Day" is all about? I got to asking myself this very question today, and I researched it, and it's surprisingly still very relevant in today's culture, at least in Regina anyways. Where the City of Regina is waging battle against the "labour movement" supported by Canada's biggest union CUPE and the Regina Water Watch (RWW) campaign (in essence making it "unionized labour" vs "corporate greed"). What the City doesn't quite understand, though, is that a good majority of those in favour of the petition movement either have nothing to do with a union, or have no other affiliation to CUPE (myself included) other than simply signing a petition that the RWW folks were gracious enough to distribute.

What's better is that, because of everything that Mayor Fougere and the Council Stooges continue to do (publicly berate, harass and malign honest taxpaying citizens), they have made activists of many that would never have dreamed in a million years of becoming anything remotely close to that. And, it's really quite easy to become one. Just stand up for what you believe in, don't back down or give into pressure that is put on you from these evil, corrupt politicians and "senior administrators" of our fine City Hall. That's it.

If enough of us do just that, that can and will be enough to topple the sand castle that Fiacco built and Fougere is stepping on, inadvertently. It's enough to make the desperate changes in our City that are necessary to bring our property taxes, water rates, and so much more down to a much more reasonable level so we don't have to worry about where that next rent payment is going to come from, or if you'll be able to have water next month because we're paying through the NOSE for Water in Regina - along with the Recycling Fee conveniently added onto the Water bills.


Remember, this is YOUR CITY. This is YOUR VOICE. And, I'll continue to be YOUR SOLUTION to make Regina everything that it can be and so much more!!

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