Monday, 2 September 2013

Land Annexation - Who's Profiting??

Good evening Regina!!

Apparently, I have to draw a map for some people to get them off my back. Well, "some people" being those that our former Mayor has to sick on me, because he's too scared to face me himself. Regarding the lands that Mayor Fougere and the City of Regina are looking to annex from the RM of Sherwood - specifically the land to the immediate Southwest of Regina - otherwise known as "Harbour Landing West", including Devonia Park. These lands are (or were??) owned by a number of individuals/corporations, but most notably being Mr. Pasquale Fiacco (aka Pat Fiacco), and his two brothers, courtesy of a gift from their parents in 1974. Also, notable of course would be Dundee Developments, which was headed by Mr. Tom Shepherd until 2008. But more on Mr. Shepherd in a future post.

Why is this such a big deal? Well, when you become Mayor and get lands developed that were never intended to be developed, paving the way for the lands that you own to get developed, that were once worthless because of the government's decision in 1974 to disallow foreign ownership of lands for speculative purposes, there tends to be some issues with that. Then, when you conveniently step down as mayor and mere months later, you want the City to annex those same lands which immediately makes your land more valuable, and you already have apparently arranged for an extension to the subdivision that you helped get built, to be developed on your lands, making you extremely rich when you sell those lands to that developer, that's when people like me and about 24,000 others who have a problem with Democracy being disrespected in Regina ---- that's when we have an issue. 

Not only is this unethical, but it also tends to lead to court action. And, if one can prove such actions were deliberate to defraud taxpayers, CRIMINAL CHARGES are sure to follow. And people wonder why Pat Fiacco and his family and friends (aka ‪#‎yqrmafia‬) have been working so diligently to discredit ANYONE (not just me) that dared to challenge him within the past decade.

This is scheduled to be discussed on October 15 (or November 4) at 5:30PM at City Hall.

Please, if you care for your City and want democracy respected in Regina, attend and demand justice be served for this disgusting behaviour. Please do share and invite all of your friends and family to attend that day.

(If you plan to speak - Please, try to keep your speeches on topic, and in as respectful a tone as possible. Also, note, you will have ten minutes to speak, and please respect decorum in Council Chambers by not applauding - as much as you may want to.)

Here is my original blog post on this issue:

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