Thursday, 19 September 2013

BREAKING: Is this democracy??

Good morning Regina!!!

UPDATE: I have sent an email to Government of Saskatchewan this morning, outlining my serious concerns with the City of Regina sending this Voter Information Card to the electorate. I am hoping they will respond on this within a short timeframe. In the meantime, here is a copy of said email:

Good morning,
I am attaching a photo of the Voter Information Cards that the City of Regina is distributing to voters leading up to the Referendum on September 25, 2013. The Mayor has stated that there will be no other information cards mailed out, and thus, it is my interpretation that this is the official Voter Information Card for voters to know where they will be voting. The Mayor claims that this did not come from the City Clerk's office, that there is a "firewall" between the Mayor's Office and the City Clerk's Office. Obviously, my concern here is purposely instructing people to "Vote No" on the same pamphlet that tells them where to vote. Is this, in any way, a violation of the Cities or Local Government Elections Act, and if so, what recourse does the average taxpayer have against the City of Regina in this instance? Would the Government of Saskatchewan be willing to step in on this issue?
Thank you in advance for any assistance you can offer in this regards.
Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group

This. Is. HUGE. Please share with all your friends who demand transparency, accountability and independence from your City Hall!!

Check out @JohnKleinRegina's Tweet:

By the Way Regina, PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE THE WOLF IN SHEEP'S CLOTHING. The City Council, Chamber of Commerca and others continually say "Who are you going to trust?" 

Well, I don't blindly follow politicians with Carte Blanche authority. If you do, it leads to situations like Pamela Wallin, the Corruption in Montreal, and more! PLEASE DON'T BE A "SHEEPLE"

Ask questions of your elected officials, and DEMAND ANSWERS!!! 

They work for YOU, not the other way around.


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