Thursday, 23 January 2014

BREAKING: City Manager No More?

UPDATE January 25, 2014 - It is true. Mr. Brent Sjoberg is no longer in the position of Chief Financial Officer/Deputy City Manager - Corporate Services. It has also been confirmed via an "anonymous" source on Twitter that Pat (Barth) is currently in the position in an acting role. The position has been posted on the City of Regina website, along with the Director of Finance. It would certainly appear, on the surface, that the City Executive are cleaning house.

UPDATE: Another interesting turn of events, it would appear that Mr. Brent Sjoberg is no longer signing cheques issued by the City of Regina. Whether this is a temporary or permanent situation, it remains unclear. When asked, Mr. Sjoberg's assistant pleaded ignorance to knowing anything that her boss was doing. Stay tuned for more on these developing stories! EXCLUSIVELY here first!

We have it on good authority that City Manager, Glen Davies, is no longer with the City of Regina. Details are few at this point, but sources confirm that "new" multi-tasker City Clerk Jim Nicol has temporarily taken over this role. This latest development is the largest in a series of continual vacancies since the Federal Lawsuits were served on the City in September. And, if this is true, this is by far the biggest accomplishment to date of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group.

Stay tuned for more!

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