Friday, 31 January 2014

REX MURPHY: The State of Politics

Good morning Regina!!

Mr. Rex Murphy did a great piece on the State of Politics, and as much as he hits the nail on the head, I felt he missed a tremendous opportunity to expose some of the dirtiest politics happening in all of North America, right here at home. I don't fault him, though, since much of the Regina Media outlets refuse to touch the subject, for fear of biting the hand(s) that feed them.

Here is a letter that was submitted to his team this morning:

Good morning,

I want to thank you for bringing up the subject of how the State of Politics in Canada, and the world, has reached an all new low. I think you missed a very important subject, though, and I am gladly sharing it with you today.

Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada - as amazing a City it is - has some serious, serious issues. The root of the problem is a City Hall and City Council that refuse to admit that we do have those serious issues, and continue to play along as if the glass is half full. Our Former Mayor Fiacco is a prime example of this, when he refused to acknowledge how North Central Regina is truly one of Canada's Worst Neighbourhoods, in a 2007 MacLeans article. Rather than acknowledging this very true fact, and working to resolve it, he preferred to lambaste MacLeans, in his typical media-treatment fashion, and cheerlead like an 18 year old high school football cheerleader about how wonderful his City was.

Today, seven years later, the City of Regina - as great as its' citizens are - faces a national crisis. Our housing has never been more unaffordable, our homelessness situation is at all-time highs (if the City would even acknowledge just how serious as issue this is, we might actually know how many truly homeless there are in Regina), and our crime rates haven't really gone anywhere but up since the horrific realizations brought out in the 2007 Macleans article. What's sad, though, is how the Regina media - most bought and paid for by the City of Regina and their "officials" - refuse to address this very real and very serious problem. While in Toronto, you have media stammering at the chance to report even the most miniscule of issues that arise with their celebrity mayor, true crime and corruption very much exists and continues here in Regina without so much of the bat of an eyelash. It's up to national media outlets, such as yourself, to bring these issues to light.

I would like to personally invite you to read up on the issues on my website under "Dirty Little Secrets", and read the Affidavit provided to the Premier of Saskatchewan, essentially denouncing the 2012 Municipal Elections null and void, due to some very serious and obvious problems that the City of Regina had full control over, as did our new mayor, the former President of the Saskatchewan Construction Association - one of his duties which was to lobby the WCB, among other municipal and provincial government organizations.

Here are some more links for your reading enjoyment:

Thank you in advance for your time, and I sincerely hope you are willing to report further on this situation. SOMEONE has to.

Best Regards,
Chad A. Novak, CMA
Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group

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