Saturday, 25 January 2014

Call for Public Inquiry

Good afternoon Regina!!!

Your time is here. Your chance to take back the power of your Cities! How? EASY! 
Please read the following, and then sign the petition.

We have all been witness to an abomination to democracy worldwide, and while there are amazing global campaigns happening to raise awareness, there lacks meaningful action by taxpayers locally regarding municipal affairs. The focus by elected officials has been on Corporations and Corporate Dollars - they seem to lose sight of those that they are elected to represent, the individual taxpayer. This is one such opportunity where you, the individual taxpayer, will get a chance to hold your municipally elected (and non-elected) officials accountable for how they choose to spend your tax dollars.

In recent years, in Moose Jaw, there was a blatant disregard for the public good, when it was decided to locate the new Multiplex in a downtown flood plain with a severe lack of parking for attendees.

Today, in Regina, the current and former City Council have shown an utter disdain for taxpayers on a number of occasions, choosing to spend our hard earned tax dollars on pet projects that they seem to think is what "the silent majority" want. When, in reality, they have been acting only in the best interests of themselves, their lobby groups and employment sectors. Namely Real Estate Development and Construction. While ignoring significant social factors like that of truly affordable housing, homelessness, core infrastructure and responsible use of tax dollars. We have seen the deliberate abuse of tax dollars for their own personal gains, and an attack on democracy by loosely interpreting legislation to suit their own needs.

It has been clearly demonstrated that our current elected officials will only act with enough public pressure. While former petition drives have worked within existing Provincial Legislation, they are both outdated and extremely difficult to gain in momentum and power, given the narrow vision of existing legislation. Let alone the fact that the ultimate authority is provided to the Municipality - and we've all seen how that can be abused. Submissions have been made to the Provincial Government to make changes to Legislation, but in the meanwhile, our municipal government officials are continuing to treat our hard earned tax dollars like their own personal bank account. THIS HAS TO STOP, and the only way to do it is by forcing a Public Inquiry, Audit and/or inspection of the books and records of Major Cities throughout Saskatchewan. Thankfully, there is existing Provincial Legislation that allows for just that, in Sections 352 to 354 of the Cities Act.

While the initial motivation behind this petition was focused solely on the City of Regina, it should be noted that this does affect ALL SASKATCHEWAN TAXPAYERS as there is currently a major capital project, called the Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI), which is tapping into Provincial Tax Dollars, along with Municipal Tax Dollars of the City of Regina residents. The RRI's main initial focus is that of building a virtually identical Stadium for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. While City Council may argue this is "for the community", "it's more than just an identical stadium", and "it's about more than JUST the stadium" - do not buy these excuses. The reality is the current $100 MILLION debt they are issuing is 100% directly affecting the Stadium project. The City of Regina is expected to jump it's municipal debt level from approximately $80M in 2012 to $450M by 2017, essentially maxing out the credit card. This is of utmost concern because it does little, if anything, to actually address any of the issues identified during the Municipal Election of 2012.

The Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group is here to help you, the individual taxpayer – regardless of where you are employed, your financial status or demographic. As such, we have access to some of the highest qualified legal experts and labour lobby groups that will enable you to be protected by legal recourse in the event your employer chooses to discipline you for signing this petition. We understand that many City of Regina employees have been threatened with discipline in the past, all the way up to termination of employment, for partaking in any democratic action that is contrary to the wishes of Senior Management at the City of Regina. This is completely unacceptable, and contrary to whistleblower legislation enacted in many other parts of the globe. We will work to represent your Charter human rights to freedom of expression. Please, do not let the fear of recourse influence your decision on whether or not to support this petition.


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