Thursday, 20 March 2014

BREAKING: Loblaw & Fiacco to join forces?


The Regina rumour mill is abuzz that former Mayoral Candidate David Robert Loblaw has joined forces with former Mayor Pasquale Fiacco in a new proposed Retail/Condo development, that will have an open house TONIGHT. 

Details are sketchy, but it appears that Loblaw and Fiacco have partnered up in a new condo/retail development. If this is true, this is huge news - the question is will the mainstream media pick up on this potential story or just ignore it? 

For those that may not recall, David Robert Loblaw mysteriously dropped out of the mayoral race in 2012. His public excuse was "to focus on business". But his real reason? To focus on making new business relationship with one of the most corrupt in Regina? The rumour has it that this development is being proposed by one of Fiacco's business partners. It's all slowly making sense! Oh, and for the record, Loblaw's chocolate company has also been given "preferential" treatment at City and Chamber sponsored events. This is a little known FACT.

You can read all about the development below, thanks to Mr. Loblaw's incessant tweeting - shameless self-promotion - about the open house. Don't just buy into the excuse that he's simply a disinterested onlooker. The true story will all come out in due course. 

@ChocolatesbyBC: LeaderPost story on tonight's Open House for new condo/retail development on 13th Ave in Cathedral: #YQR #YQRcc

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