Saturday, 15 March 2014

PCL = Plainly Corrupt Lands

Good morning Regina!!! 

The winning bidder for the Stadium Build is none other than one of the MAJOR FUNDERS of the Mayoral Campaign of Mr. Michael Fougere during the 2012 Municipal Election. Is there any reason to believe this was going to be any different?? Was the RFP process truly fair and transparent, or was it as flawed as the one for the Recycling program?

As the founder of the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, I am VERY PROUD to share with you the video of my delegation to the Regina Executive Committee yesterday regarding the Regina Revitalization Initiative. You will note that NOT ONE MEDIA OUTLET has dared to broadcast a single second of my speech yet. Why? What was so wrong with what I said? Scared to bite the hand that feeds them? Who knows, who cares.

The FACTS are the FACTS.

PCL Construction contributed quite heavily to the Mayoral Campaign of Mr. Michael Fougere, and others. They were also very active in the "Vote for Continued Growth" campaign that supported only one very obvious contender. This was "outside" of the budget that Mr. Fougere has to publicly disclose, and who knows how much was spent by PCL?

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