Thursday, 13 March 2014


Good afternoon Regina!!

Well, it turns out the rumour mill is as good as it gets here in Regina. What began as one simple Tweet from a Fiacco-afficiando (#yqrmafia elite member), turned into reality just now when the Leader Post published that there will be an announcement tomorrow regarding the successful bidder on the Regina Revitalization Initiative (RRI). Even though we had requests in on Tuesday to confirm this rumour, no one returned our calls or emails to provide any further information. UPDATE: This will be announced at a "Special" Executive Committee Meeting Friday at 11:45AM at City Hall Henry Baker Hall. 
Seeing as how it has an Agenda Item # assigned to it, you should be able to speak on the matter, if you so choose.

It seems as though this "most transparent" level of government isn't as transparent as they claim - or at least not to the individual taxpayers.

But wait? What's this? The RRI project is currently under review for a CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION? And there's a COURT ACTION looking to cease all activity on it and any other Major Capital Project over $50M subject to the completion of the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION and a FORENSIC AUDIT? Say it ain't so!

Oh, it be so, baby. 

And, as I've told the City of Regina this week on a number of occasions, we here at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group are always five steps ahead of the "learned" executive team at the hallowed City Hall.

So...Where do we go from here? STAY TUNED!


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