Tuesday, 18 March 2014

March Against Corruption

Good afternoon Regina!!

What are you doing on Monday, March 31, 2014? We here, at the Saskatchewan Taxpayers Advocacy Group, are looking to join in on the global movement to March Against Corruption - Exact time and itinerary to be announced by March 28. We would be honoured if you would join us in this march. We are doing this in an effort to get money out of politics, which we see far too often throughout Canada, North America and the World. Our focus, however, is going to be right here in our own backyard, at the City of Regina. As many have recognized over the past several years, and is no secret to those "in the know", our currently elected municipal officials have let their opinions be swayed far too often by the private interests of the construction and development industry, and this must stop!

This issue became glaringly obvious as a serious concern when the City announced, not surprisingly, that their "preferred" partner for the Stadium Project was PCL Construction. The same company that was apparently behind the horribly-over-budget, and horribly-overdue City Square Plaza project. The same project that actually had a report created to advise City Hall of their numerous mistakes, and how best to learn from this project and avoid these same mistakes in the future. It is quite apparent that the City has not learned from this report, and is setting taxpayers on a course for destruction by allowing this very same company/conglomerate to tackle a $278M project, even though they failed miserably at managing a measly $6M project.

It is high time to get money out of politics, and we are very pleased to have developed a truly viable alternative, which is based on some existing and proposed legislation from around the world. We will talk about this, and much more, at the March, and look forward to bringing attention to this very serious matter that affects each and every one of you in Regina and beyond.

We are proudly standing up for our tax dollars and demand that the City of Regina become truly accountable and transparent about how they are spending our hard earned dollars. 

As well, we will be calling upon the Province of Saskatchewan to enact legislation that prevents the manipulation of elected municipal officials for any private interest. It's time to get the money OUT of politics, one small step at a time. Will you march with us?

March Against Corruption.

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