Monday, 17 March 2014

BREAKING: Mayor's Assistant Resigns

Good morning Regina!!

UPDATE: The "official" word given to Global Regina (after we broke the news to them) is that Mr. Hulshoff is "retiring", and that the Mayor had known about this for weeks. However, evidence would suggest otherwise - and it should be noted that this was the same excuse provided for Ms. Swidnicki leaving the City of Regina until pressed further by the media. I am very confident that this story will continue to develop over the coming days and weeks.


Well, another day and another resignation. This one is probably the biggest of them all to date. Herman Hulshoff, the Mayor's Chief of Staffs, who replaced Mark Rathwell as the Mayor's Executive Assistant when Fiacco stepped down, is no longer with the Mayor's office.

It is unclear as to whether this was a resignation or a termination, but regardless, this is big. Why did this only happen immediately after public notice of the CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION into the corruption at City Hall? One can only speculate.

Also, important to note, the City of Regina is apparently looking to amend the Regina Revitalization Initiative Borrowing Bylaw from January 27, 2014.

This is the very same bylaw which Mr. Brent Sjoberg misrepresented the truth about on January 27, 2014, in order to apparently influence the votes that evening. Our group placed a call into Service Regina, and after about 30 minutes on hold, they confirmed they know nothing about this. A call was also made to Brent Sjoberg's office, which was forwarded through to the City Manager's office, Mr. Glen Davies, and his assistant, Cathy, confirmed that she knows nothing about this.

It's only going to get better!! You are now back in control of your tax dollars.

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